Russell Pearce and Cohorts Plead for Amnesty, LD 25 RiNOs Give It To Them

Many objected, pointing out that this reversed the vote that had just taken place. PC Tyler Montague, a member of the non-Pearce-worshipping camp, cried "point of order," arguing that the motion was illegal under the vote that had just transpired.

But the vote moved ahead nonetheless, with the most persuasive argument for the motion being, "Let's vote `yes,' then we can go home."

One of those promoting this point of view was Libertarian-leaning-Republican PC Andrea Garcia, who ran against Pearce as a Libertarian candidate for the state Senate in 2010. At one point, she waved a makeshift sign that read, "DROP THE ROPE."

The anti-Pearce forces had the votes to hold out, but by that time it was well after 9 p.m., and the "let's go home" argument was particularly persuasive.

Also, there was a feeling that it was better to make peace than continue the war. Some in the anti-Pearce faction even crossed sides, including state Senator-elect Bob Worsley, bringing the meetings main business to a conclusion.

"I think everyone must have just seen Les Mis," attorney Ellsworth wrote me afterward, "as those who normally have called for strict enforcement of other laws voted to grant amnesty and mercy to those who had not complied with the bylaws."

Pearce's declaration for Graham earlier in the day seemed to downplay the necessity of keeping him off the state committee. And even if the second vote had gone the other way, he might have gotten on the ballot as a write-in candidate, or through some other backdoor maneuver.

Moreover, an estimated two-thirds of the state committee persons elected on November 29 were from the non-Pearce camp. The RiNOs had already won, and could afford to be magnanimous in victory.

Essentially, the importance of the LD 25 vote comes down to two significant points.

The first was made by Ellsworth in his communication with me:

This was also a total rejection of the unwarranted intervention of Chairman Rob Haney in our district affairs. When his allegations of fraud could not be proven during his investigation, he sought to throw out both the officer elections and the state committeemen election because of "irregularities."

Haney backed down within hours of being served with the lawsuit filed in federal court by most of the members of the newly elected board he was seeking to disqualify. Haney agreed to recognize the new board as the validly elected board and he agreed to accept the results of our meeting last night regarding the district's selection of state committeemen, whatever that may be. The district voted to ratify the November 29 state committeemen election -- the exact same election Haney sought to throw out.

I agree, though there is another, even more profound significance: The moderates are firmly in control of LD 25, even more so than they were in the old LD 18, at least as far back as 2010, when Pearce lost a similar bid to be on the GOP state committee until Haney successfully forced a revote.

Indeed, following Russell Pearce's 2011 recall loss, his defeat this year in the GOP primary, his brother Lester's utter annihilation in the district 2 GOP primary for county supervisor, and Lester's censure by Arizona's Commission on Judicial Conduct, the moderate Rs have cemented their grip on power in the East Valley.

The Pearces and their followers are on the outs in LD 25, one of the most active and conservative GOP districts in Sand Land. Haney is exiting stage right as county party chair. And the moderate Rs no longer fear retribution from the wingnuts.

All positive developments, a step toward the center in our redder than red state.

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Brewer and Pierce claim rule of law only when they like the laws. Jack asses one and ALL.. Every time I hear her say those words, " Rule of Law!" it reminds me of Gomer chasing Barney down main street yelling, " Citizens Arrest, Citizens Arrest!!!!"


Dinosaurs making a pathetic attempt at preventing extinction.  The infighting will only get worse, and they'll be nothing but bones left when it's finished.  I'm personally enjoying the show. 


These Arizona GOPers are a bunch of corrupt mother fuckers, they pound their chests and talk about the Rule of Law, but when it comes to be applied to them, all of a suden  that Rule of Law has no meanning.There's no surprise at all since they have the best teacher of them all, the corrupt POS shurf of MCSO, and "Twotimes Russ " beign one of his apprentices, what else can be expected.

They should be called the "GOP Circus of Arizona & Pearce Bros. & MCSO". They are a cesspool of whinners and beggars, living most of their lives supported by the public dole, specially the Pearce Bros.


The Repubs made peace...I'm sure the Pearcebots will now look deep into their souls and think deeply about justice and mercy, and how, now that they've received mercy, they should think about illegal aliens as human beings and not try to purge everyone who disagrees with them.....nah.


So the hard-right Pearce faction makes up only 1/3 of the Republican PC's in LD25?  Seems like Russell, Lester, and Haney are the RINO's now. 


The Tea Bag Party believes that laws are for other people.


Jan Brewer is said to have also recieved "Amnesty" from the Fed's. after their investigation into her De- Frauding Social Security of $75,000.00 to reward her Knife Point Rapist Son Ron as he served out his Sentence.

Rumor has it that Honest Jan got, and spent the money, and the Fed's. simply allowed her to re-pay Social Security the De Frauded $75,000.00 and gave her "Amnesty" from Jail Time?!

Jan Brewer said: "We are a land of Laws, all Laws."

She meant Laws which can be applied against people with "Brown Skin"!

Ah, Arizona Politicians.


Why are they not in Jail?!

The Electoral Rigging/Manipulating that they committed during Russell Pearce's Recall Election, along with the wonderful "Mrs. Cortes", Pearce's two Niece's, Tea Party, and G.O.P. Officials was a Class Five Felony according to Arizona Law!


Not counting the "Fiesta Bowl Bribe Taking", and the "Cactus Towing Bribe Taking."

To: Justice in Arizona?  The Corrupt Politician Sanctuary.


@MrDuke Doesn't sound like you read this article fully. RiNOs won the battle. Evil Elf Rob Haney caved in, once he was served with a threatening lawsuit. He got knocked out good. The moderates came in, in full force and flawlessly crushed the fringed lunatics, with little resistance. "The brothers of destruction" (Pearces) were silenced and helpless at the meeting. Sitting in the back like a couple of unknowns. A sign that they no longer have the mighty powers that be (hopefully). 

To me, it sounds like 2013 will be a better year for Arizona--politically.

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