Russell Pearce and Cohorts Plead for Amnesty, LD 25 RiNOs Give It To Them

Lester, Rob and Russ score amnesty from the LD 25 RiNOs...

Followers of disgraced, recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce practically begged for amnesty Wednesday night in Mesa from their blood-rivals, the moderate GOPers they derisively refer to as RiNOs (Republicans in Name Only).

And more than two hours into a tense, divided meeting of Republican Legislative District 25 precinct committee persons, the RiNOs granted the request of their adversaries, affording them a reprieve that allowed Pearce and his slimy bro Lester to remain state committee persons, along with some 150 LD 25 tuskers.

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The PCs did this by ratifying LD 25's original November 29th vote, one that had been hijacked by Pearce's personal leprechaun, outgoing Maricopa County Committee Chair Rob Haney. This, because Haney claimed there had been "fraud" in that election.

Some of the PCs I spoke with at the Wednesday meeting believed that the handful of allegedly fraudulent nomination forms discovered by Herr Haney were part of a Reichstag Fire-like plot to allow an "investigation" that would invalidate an election the LD 25 wingnuts knew they would lose to the moderates.

There's no way to prove such speculation, which admittedly does sound a bit tin-foil-hatty. But keep in mind, as I've already discussed in this blog, the only thing that prevented Haney from doing his own planned re-vote on January 9, was a federal lawsuit, brought by the duly elected officers of LD 25, filed on Christmas Eve.

Haney supposedly had turned over "evidence" of fraud to a local law enforcement agency, believed to be the MCSO. And Handy was quoted in the Arizona Capitol Times' "Yellow Sheet," threatening to have sheriff's deputies on hand for the January 9 re-do.

However, faced with the prospect of having to defend his indefensible shenanigans in federal court, Haney caved like the deranged wannabe Napoleon that he is, and agreed to let the new officers of LD 25 handle the re-vote, and to accept the results, whatever they might be.

So it's not surprising the wee-man was nowhere to be seen Wednesday night at the Mesa Utility Building, where LD 25's GOP PCs gathered to settle the mess he had caused. There were about 150 persons present, with a little more than that represented by proxies.

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Brewer and Pierce claim rule of law only when they like the laws. Jack asses one and ALL.. Every time I hear her say those words, " Rule of Law!" it reminds me of Gomer chasing Barney down main street yelling, " Citizens Arrest, Citizens Arrest!!!!"


Dinosaurs making a pathetic attempt at preventing extinction.  The infighting will only get worse, and they'll be nothing but bones left when it's finished.  I'm personally enjoying the show. 


These Arizona GOPers are a bunch of corrupt mother fuckers, they pound their chests and talk about the Rule of Law, but when it comes to be applied to them, all of a suden  that Rule of Law has no meanning.There's no surprise at all since they have the best teacher of them all, the corrupt POS shurf of MCSO, and "Twotimes Russ " beign one of his apprentices, what else can be expected.

They should be called the "GOP Circus of Arizona & Pearce Bros. & MCSO". They are a cesspool of whinners and beggars, living most of their lives supported by the public dole, specially the Pearce Bros.


The Repubs made peace...I'm sure the Pearcebots will now look deep into their souls and think deeply about justice and mercy, and how, now that they've received mercy, they should think about illegal aliens as human beings and not try to purge everyone who disagrees with them.....nah.


So the hard-right Pearce faction makes up only 1/3 of the Republican PC's in LD25?  Seems like Russell, Lester, and Haney are the RINO's now. 


The Tea Bag Party believes that laws are for other people.


Jan Brewer is said to have also recieved "Amnesty" from the Fed's. after their investigation into her De- Frauding Social Security of $75,000.00 to reward her Knife Point Rapist Son Ron as he served out his Sentence.

Rumor has it that Honest Jan got, and spent the money, and the Fed's. simply allowed her to re-pay Social Security the De Frauded $75,000.00 and gave her "Amnesty" from Jail Time?!

Jan Brewer said: "We are a land of Laws, all Laws."

She meant Laws which can be applied against people with "Brown Skin"!

Ah, Arizona Politicians.


Why are they not in Jail?!

The Electoral Rigging/Manipulating that they committed during Russell Pearce's Recall Election, along with the wonderful "Mrs. Cortes", Pearce's two Niece's, Tea Party, and G.O.P. Officials was a Class Five Felony according to Arizona Law!


Not counting the "Fiesta Bowl Bribe Taking", and the "Cactus Towing Bribe Taking."

To: Justice in Arizona?  The Corrupt Politician Sanctuary.


@MrDuke Doesn't sound like you read this article fully. RiNOs won the battle. Evil Elf Rob Haney caved in, once he was served with a threatening lawsuit. He got knocked out good. The moderates came in, in full force and flawlessly crushed the fringed lunatics, with little resistance. "The brothers of destruction" (Pearces) were silenced and helpless at the meeting. Sitting in the back like a couple of unknowns. A sign that they no longer have the mighty powers that be (hopefully). 

To me, it sounds like 2013 will be a better year for Arizona--politically.

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