Joe Arpaio on Keeping Warm in Stir; Plus, A.J. LaFaro's "Crazytown" Ticket Wins County GOP Leadership

Robert Graham, will Pearce backstab him and run from the floor on January 26?

Then I asked him if his campaign had paid Independent sheriff's candidate Mike Stauffer for Stauffer's "assistance" in the 2012 general election.

"Stauffer?" Joe said quizzically. "I met that guy one time."

Which doesn't exactly answer the question.

I talked to him about his posse circling the schools, and the sheriff mentioned that posse members are not POST-certified like his deputies.Still, he continued to maintain that "they have the same authority" as sworn peace officers.

They don't, of course. But the sheriff did explain why posse members dress exactly like his deputies, same uniform, badges, etc.

"I started that 20 years ago, so the public won't know the difference," he said. "There's a deterrence. You know, I don't have enough deputies. So they dress the same, same cars, and they pay for everything."

Fooling the public. It's been a lifelong labor of love for ol' Joe.

What about these phone calls New Times scribe Matthew Hendley has been receiving from people on work-release, saying that they don't have access to a warm room and unlimited blankets like Joe's press releases depict?

"Well, you know what?" Joe said of the prisoners on work-release. "They don't wear the [prisoners'] uniform. They can bring all [their clothes] into the tent. Say it's going to be very hot [sic] tonight. C'mon, you're out working, you're coming back to the tents at night, put on a lot of clothes.

"Now the regular guys in there, they don't go out and work, they can't do that. But we give 'em a lot of blankets. Plus they have that building they can go in, where the showers are."

"But one of the guys who called Matt who was on work release said he couldn't go into that building," I countered.

"Yeah," he said, acknowledging this point. "But they can dress [warm]."

"Can they go back to their homes and get extra clothing?" I asked.

"Well, they should be goin' to work," he said. "It's work release. They're supposed to have a job, that's why the judge says alright we'll give you work release."

Um, so the lesson here is to keep lots of warm clothing at your workplace, in case you get popped for something, and have to do some nights in Tent City during the winter?


Lastly, I ran into businessman Robert Graham, the guy campaigning for chair of the state Republican Party, though it's unclear if he's still being opposed by this fella Doug Little, chair of the LD 23 GOP, who at one point dropped out, and now may be back in.

Even Graham seemed unsure.

"You know, we've run this campaign positively and we've got huge support, across the state," he told me. "So we're just going to keep doing that, I told our team when we pulled out, you've got to behave as if we've got the stiffest competition on the planet."

Graham has earned support from both right-wingers like Haney and Pearce and non-right-wingers. But in spite of Pearce's endorsement of Graham, some are suspicious Pearce might turn coat, and run from the floor January 26, when the Arizona Republican State Committee meets to elect a replacement for outgoing chair Tom Morrissey.

Is Little a stalking horse for Pearce? Will Pearce try a last-ditch bid on the 26th, backstabbing Graham?

Pearce lies like he breathes, so there's no knowing, until the vote is done, two weeks from Saturday.

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shadeaux14 topcommenter

Sounds like these guys are perfect to represent the reptilian residents of Maricopa County.


Good for them. They should stay true to their convictions and not worry about fundraising, Lemons' opinion or anyone else's opinion.  They should stay true to their convictions, advocate those convictions loudly and proudly and let the chips fall where they will.  That is America.


Every where that Arpayaso or Pearce are present there is corruption for sure, they have to be there to make sure their guy wins.


Way to go Steve. Keep on bagging on the crazies of my party (Republican).  Some of us abhor them as much as the Dems do.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

<Heck, wingnuts like him are my bread and butter. Moreover, LaFaro likely will be a disaster for the county GOP, driving away moderates with his intolerance and extremism, forcing many into the Independent or Libertarian columns>

Mr. Lemons, Great article. The GOP gets crazier by the day. In Arizona, they sure lost us -- we moved to the "other" column.


Nothing like reaching out and drawing in a broad spectrum of citizens. Do you have to be white and decrepit to be at their meetings? It's just too bad this bunch does not live their principles! By giving up social security and Medicare, and all that other socialism. The problem in Arizona is that all these crazy nuts get elected and those inclined to reasonableness have to surrender to lunacy to stay elected. United in hatred party.


Anyone know who runs SeeingRedAZ? They seem to go to great lengths to avoid having their names attached to the garbage they write.


only in Arizona....geez, where do these people get their education?  What makes adults like this seem like they were plucked from the deep woods of Alabama....oh wait, Arizona of the 2000's is the Alabama of the 60's.    Way to go GOP....proved again why your party is further moving to the margins.  Apparently, they did not learn anything from the 2012 election.  but, then again, ignorance is something they relish and will always be one of their strong points.  You know, ignorance is curable, stupidity is not.  hummm.....I guess they prefer the latter.  Keep up the good work....let's get cracking on those Illegals, birth certificates,  the anti-christ (BHO), gays, anyone with a brain and anything else that suits their pea sized brains.  Wow.  Only in Arizona.

WhoKnows topcommenter

The GOP had a chance to prove they are not 100% bat crap crazy and they blew it!  But then again, they ARE bat crap crazy.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@WmRichardsonMesa Tell me why you are unable to do anything about those that are bat crap crazy and speak for you.


@truthseekeraz Truth be told I was never on the RepubliCon side. I have just tired of the nutless Dems.


Truth be told, no, those are just the only people that actually give a shit about what goes on.  Everyone else only decides to vote every 2 and 4 years, without researching anything they are voting for and then cry about it when it doesn't go their way.

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