Jan Brewer "Kinder, Gentler" on Immigration? Republic Dons Kneepads for Governor

Kinder and gentler, my ass...

As the Arizona Republic was bleeding ink for Governor Jan Brewer's allegedly "kinder, gentler tone" on immigration over the weekend, what was Janbo up to?

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Raising cash for her political action committee JANPAC by beating the anti-immigrant drum.

A January 17, fundraising e-mail from our scorpion-scarfing chief exec reads, in part:

"Arizona and our citizens deserve a federal government that devotes its time and attention to issues that the people deem important. Please help us demand that the federal government commit to a secure border FIRST before addressing immigration reform. Donate $10 now towards assuring our nation has a secure border!"

Never mind that immigration is at a net zero, or that JANPAC, which has raised nearly $1 million to date, does zip to "secure the border."

Nah, forget all that: the Mexicans are coming, the Mexicans are coming!

So give and give generously.

Profiting off the sufferings of the people you help repress, the true definition of scum...

This is the real Jan Brewer, the two-bit hack who, with the assistance of her clever puppetmaster Chuck Coughlin, rode a tide of bigotry, xenophobia and nativism to the Ninth Floor.

In 2010, Coughlin told her to sign Arizona's ethnic cleansing legislation Senate Bill 1070, and she would be elected Guv.

She did, and she was.

She also signed the House Bill 2281, which effectively outlawed the Mexican American Studies program in Tucson.

And like many a crass, political opportunist in racist, far-right Arizona, she's never missed an opportunity to stir up ethnic animus, slander the undocumented, and help give this state the reputation it deserves as "Aribama," the state of hate, the methlab of democracy, the great white pride of the neo-Confederacy.

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Huzzah!  Enjoyed every word, while I simultaneously wanted to puke.  Hope you understand.

dennis20 topcommenter

It seems as though the Az. Republic is trying to paint a picture of a kinder, gentler Brewer when her own statements don't match the image they are trying to paint for her. They have also been  willing promoters of Bill Montgomery's "plan." and have even tried painting Arpaio as somehow softening. It's simply not true.


Another great article exposing the so called: "kinder, gentler Jan Brewer ! 

Thank you Mr. Lemons, well done !

Leonard Clark


Seems like the WITCH OF THE WEST have did done learned good from Arpayaso, keep that money comming in. All this old Bag is doing is paving the way to try to run for a third term. It's very suspicious that all of a sudden she is into "Human Compassion", trying to reinstate the childless individuals into AHCCCS, etc.

BTW,There's a rumor that Brewsky was telling Jaffy,-while they were drinking some scorpions at Arpayaso's office- how She made an alligator first laugh when she told the alligator that she had more wrinkles then him, and then how she made the alligator cry when she showed him her face. If you don't believe it, You might ask jaffy.


I love this line from her e-mail: "As citizens, we must demand our government's attention."  Hey, Jan, YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT.  Chuck may not have explained it to you fully, but you'r the governor.  Governor and Government share a whole lot of letters in common Jan - you should be able to recognize that even with your GED.  Come on Jan, grow up and take responsible for the mess you're making!


mexican american studies?  Really?


Do not shake hands with Jan...she uses her pointing finger too pick her nose for "ChileVerdeMocos"..."GreenChileSnots"....she calls it Bio-Recycling ....


I worked with sociopaths for many years and one thing I know about them for sure is that when a person is born without what most call a conscience, there is no way to grow one. 

66rock topcommenter

The old "Leopards don''t change their spots" comes to mind.  Of course this "governor" wants to change her image as she eyes much bigger ambitions.  Her crew reads these comments so here's the message, boys, " Most of us aren't buying it".   Oh, and no way will Jan Brewer ever ever be on a ticket with the next GOP presidential candidate.  I have no idea if she would win a primary in this state for McCain's spot or not but if she would ever manage to pull a senate win off, she would be laughed out of Washington, this I know.  Give it up Jan. 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Lmao the description of GED Jan as a scorpion describes her perfectly.

I only wish she'd sting herself...


@JohnQ.Public Well, JQ, don't you know there's no better way than to demand the governments attention than shoving your finger in the face of the person that oversees it? 

And yet she wonders why nobody takes her seriously.


take responsibility for the mess you're making!

WhoKnows topcommenter

@logicman And the Joke Sheriff is proud to be an Italian American, and gotten awards from Italian American groups!

Should we stop having St Patty's day, as that's "Irish Americans"?

I bet you are also against "women studies", as women only need to know how to cook and perform sex acts on you! (if you pay them, that is!)


@elcapitan332 That's why she was wagging her finger in Obama's face - she was trying to get her finger up his nose so she could grab a presidential buggey for her new line of super premium ChileVerdeMocos


@66rock Brain-Fart Bruja's political carreer will be over after she is term limitted out of office. Bruja's legacy will be of nothing more than that of a puppet governor. A puppet Gov. that chose to divide our state and make us a national laughing stock,by rubber stamping every extremist Republi-con wing-nut sponsored bill that landed on her desk. Brain-fart Bruja's legacy should serve as a reminder to all voters,that low voter turnout will get you low quality leadership........."Some things can neither be forgotten,nor forgiven".  Mr, Lemons nailed it !

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