Arizona GOP's Proposed Bylaws Revive Joe McCarthy, Witch Hunts, Loyalty Oaths

Ronnie wouldn't make the cut under the AZ GOP's proposed new rules for state/precinct committee persons

The Arizona Republican Party is the gift that keeps on giving.

Last week, the Maricopa County GOP picked raging aggro gay-hater A.J. LaFaro as its chairman, a choice Dems are giddy over because it leaves the local Republican Party in the complete control of wigged-out moonhowlers, further alienating anyone with a post-medieval sense of morality,

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And next week, at the state GOP's January 26 meeting, assembled GOPers will vote on proposed bylaw changes that may well revive loyalty oaths, witch hunts and the bloated corpse of Joe McCarthy, preserved lo these many years in a massive vat of Jameson.

Can we burn her, she once supported a Libertarian?

If you think I exaggerate, check out the proposed new rules for precinct and state committeemen, published recently on the AZ GOP's web site:

The duties of a Precinct/State Committeeman include, at minimum,

*Representing the Republican Party, the Republican Party Platform, and Republican General Election candidates in a positive light
*On request of voters in his/her precinct, assisting them to vote for Republican candidates

A Precinct/State Committeeman is deemed not to have fulfilled his/her duties if, in any public election, he/she provides material support to

*a non‐Republican opponent of a Republican candidate in a partisan election, or
*a non‐Republican candidate campaigning in a nonpartisan election in active opposition to a Republican candidate for a paid office

Material support includes public endorsement, monetary donations, volunteer effort, public dissemination of the non‐Republican opponent's message without critical or refuting commentary, or public dissemination of clearly negative statements about the Republican candidate without critical or refuting commentary.

Should a Precinct/State Committeeman fail to fulfill his/her duties, he/she will, upon majority vote of the applicable State or County Executive Committee, lose his/her privileges (including voter data access, voting, assigning or carrying proxies, and holding Party offices) for the rest of his/her term.

Wow, let the pogroms begin! First off, the Ron Paul people will be in the crosshairs if they've ever supported a Libertarian, as no doubt many of them have at one point or another.

(Hint to my RP pals: Hide those copies of Atlas Shrugged, they're a dead giveaway.)

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These people have gotten so drunk on the power that the  fools in arizona have given them that they are starting to openly expose just how malignant their thought processes are.

You republicans have created the cesspool that is Arizona. Hope you enjoy the smell.


Goodness. The local party sure doesn't allow free thought in any form. I think these rules must have been promulgated by, or in concert with, the disgraced former state senate president.

I wonder if anyone has mentioned to the local party that they are no longer 'in step' with the big picture party? Apparently not.


If local kraut neo-Nazi "Baby Killer" J.T. Ready were still alive today, he too, would get the finger from these lame brains. If you remember that "Baby Killer", he was running on the D ticket.


GOP has had it comin for soooo long.They have gerrimandered their districts,living in a miniority bubblle.Maybe GOV. CRISTY of NJ is there future,but all the rest ,no thanks,unless  megan mccain of az wants to walk the walk.......

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Isn't Ronald Reagan considered one of the most iconic Republicans since Theodore Roosevelt in 1901?

This is exactly why the Republicans will lose any and every political race. Bullshit like this.

david_saint01 topcommenter

sounds like good ol fascism to me, and it will only get worse if they get their way


If a Democrat decides to support a Republican proposal, wouldn't the proposed rule prohibit a committeeman from publicly expressing satisfaction about it?  It's virtually impossible for a committeeman to do his job without occasionally publicly referring to some non-Republican politician's views in purely descriptive terms, without ritually appending some party-approved condemnatory formula.  He may even find himself stipulating once and a while that Democrats & Republicans can agree about something.  But on its face, the proposal treats acting like a normal person as "material support" for the enemy.  Who drafted it?  Is the intention to target some particular faction?


Remember Republicans, even your guy turns out to be a child molesting monster you must never speak bad works of said fellow R.


@FreddieMoreau The moderates are the intended targets. Mr. Lemmons is right,this will be fun watching the Republi-Cons eat their own.


@teknik Your point is very valid. As an example, it was more important to the local Republican shurf to chase a few undocumented workers than it was to solve over 400 county wide cases of reported sex crimes, many against children. Many victims who were victimized again when MCSO SHOULD have put the suspects in jail. MCSO, run by a Republican fool. Elected by Republican fools.

There seems to be a theme.


@david_saint01 @Lone_Wolf JT Ready was on the ballot as a Democrat for Pinal County sheriff when he murdered those three adults and the child. I really wish he hadn't killed himself. He would have enjoyed his time in stir for the rest of his breathing days.


@Lone_Wolf @MaskedMagician1967 You got that right. These dunderheads are those who have chased MANY free thinking Republicans, including myself, from the party over the past ten years or so.

Free thought is not encouraged. If they want your opinion they will tell you what it is.

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