Top Ten Tom Horne Trucker Hat Slogans

Which is why Horne shouldn't be hiding beneath a baseball cap as he hooks up with Carmen Chenal for a nosh at Pita Jungle and a little lovin'.

Hell, no. This playa should be rockin' his own line of trucker hats, pimpin' vodka like P. Diddy, and datin' a Kardashian like Kanye West.

If the Kardashians have a grandma, that is.

In that vein, here are the top ten Tom Horne trucker hat slogans, sponsored by the Arizona Republican Party, Viagra, and Brut by Faberge. A portion of all sales will go to benefit the Tom Horne Home for Washed Up Chick Lawyers.

10) Eatin' falafel keeps my pimp hand strong.

9) Hey, I just like Pita Jungle. No, really.*

8) I don't brake for FBI agents.

7) Stick with me, shorty, I'll make you assistant AG.

6) Cubans smoke in bed.

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Tom Horne threw AZ's Adult Education under the bus and now he's been hit by one.  I say that's sweet justice.  I have it on good authority that many down at the ADE have something to smile about.  Arizona sure takes a long time to come but when it finally does it sure is sweet.


Horne beat Thomas by just a little bit in the primary. Horne has clearly demonstrated why they were neck to neck in that race.


What is the one word Tom Horne doesn't want Carmen Chenal to say while they're taking their three hour lunch?

"Mas! Mas! MAS!!!!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Wear protection, Tommy. You don't know where that thing's been.


"Hit it" - then hit and run. 

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