Tom Horne's Hearings Rescheduled: Will the AG Beat the Rap?

Kimerer is expected to file a brief this week arguing that Horne's right to due process was violated and that the county attorney unlawfully brought this action against Horne.

The MCAO will respond. And Eigenheer eventually will rule on it.

If Eigenheer finds the county attorney does have jurisdiction, the hearing will proceed, though her decision could be the basis for a later appeal by Horne and Winn.

If she finds that the MCAO does not have jurisdiction, the case would be dismissed.

"I definitely think that jurisdiction is an issue that would have to be established before we could go forward," the Eigenheer stated, adding, "I don't see the point of wasting everyone's time if it turns out there is no jurisdiction."

I know the feeling. I'm beginning to wonder why we bother to go through this hick-state Kabuki theater when it comes to addressing bald-faced corruption.

Might as well do what a Maricopa County superior court judge suggested recently and overturn all of our campaign finance laws in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United case.

I mean, listen to the recording of the December 6 hearing yourself. Eigenheer seems as if she'd be content to let the MCAO and the attorneys for Winn and Horne work the whole thing out between themselves.

"As far as discovery goes," she tells the lawyers, "if the parties can get together and resolve, specify what the issues are, stipulate to exhibits, stipulate to any allegations...any fact issues, [then] that will cut down a lot on our time...and I think will be better for everyone involved."

Corruption persists when the public allows it to exist, tolerates it, becomes complacent to it. Politicians like Horne and their lawyers assume that all they have to do is wait us out, till we move on to the next outrage, the next travesty.

The Hornes of the world emerge from the sewer with a slap on the wrist and a smile on their faces. They know they can appeal even the slap, and end up with a nudge, at best.

Shamelessness, in their world, is a virtue.

Karma will catch up to Horne in the form of an opponent willing to throw his state-financed gal-pal in voters' faces, as well as the litany of his other transgressions. And for that. we'll have to wait about a year and a half, until the GOP primary is in full swing.

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IDK--I think having to bang Carmen Chanel is punishment enough---I say let him walk.  


I still don't know why people are not pissed about HornDog allowing K.Winn to work her real estate deals while on the AG dime!  What does Winn make as a lacky for TommyBoi--over 100k, plus she has been allowed to make real estate deals while on duty--unbelievable.  Didn't the AG's office investigate PPD for the same type of thing? Workin their PPD job and double dippin an off-duty job!  I say the State Auditor General should pull Winn's time cards and make her pay back ever cent she and TommyBoi foiled from our state coffers.  


Great series! What baffles me; besides the absence of Democratic candidates, is how Horne's SEC lifetime ban was not publicized?? Would Arizona really elect a Bernie Madoff or a Michael Miliken as AG?


think of how much vodka she has to drink to just give him a lunchtime BJ!

I always wondered why those rich old hosebags had stiff hair and crusty makeup.


Of course he will beat the rap, Politicians, especially Republicans, can get away with murder or anything else for that matter in Arizona.

The laws don't apply to them like they do everyone else.


Probably his defense team is going to say that it was Elmer Fodd driving the car the day of the hit and run, since Horne and Elmer look alike. About the reschedule; they are probavly consulting with the old fart on how to get away with all the charges, that's why they need mote time


He eventually will be allowed to plead to a charge of "failure to render aid to a flat tire" or something else the local Repubs can come up with.


"Hit-N-Run Horne", "Election Tampering, Bribe Taking Pearce", "Social Security Fraud Brewer", "Corrupt Pink Pantie Sheriffs".Ect. Ect.

The "Real Crooks" in Arizona are the ones in Power!

To: True Justice?!


Horne is above the law. Get it?

But is his defense being paid with personal funds, state funds, or those of someone Horne owes a favor to?

ExpertShot topcommenter

They think that the pubic will be so repulsed at the thought ofsexual relations between General Horne Dog and his Bitch that even themere thought of prosecuting him will fail.

teknik topcommenter

how can you plead not guilty when the freaking FBI watched you do it?

where is the outrage?  Oh, that's right, they don't have prejudiced whack-Os looking for an outlet for their pent up hate.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@msbonobo  yep, they would. and if you doubt it.....Horne is proof, they knew. 

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