Tom Horne and John Huppenthal's Ethnic Studies War: Fate of MAS in Federal Judge's Hands, Yet Again

If you believe life is less complex in the land of the lefties, you're in for a big disappointment

Actually, the dedicated and courageous MAS instructors Horne maligns were intent on making sure that underprivileged and at-risk Hispanic kids had a chance at higher education, or at least high-school graduation.

Those are goals they excelled at achieving, according to a study commissioned by none other than Huppenthal himself, though Huppy was hoping for far different conclusions.

And that's what made the MAS educators targets of the far right, and red meat for shameless opportunists such as Horne, a man who believes in nothing save self-advancement, at any cost.

But as I've illustrated at length recently, Horne has self-destructed over Chenal-gate, the victim of his own lust, paranoia and perverse corruption. He has all the credibility of Donald Trump on President Obama's birth certificate. Maybe less.

As for his objection, if I were one of the Assistant Attorney Generals who affixed their names to this steaming pile of far right ideology masquerading as a legal brief, I would be embarrassed beyond belief.

So here they are, making their moms proud in service to a political sociopath who will go down in Arizona history as Tom "Hit-and-Run" Horne, the gold Jag-driving, ugly-bumping, falafel-noshing, Cuban-cuddling loser: Kevin Ray, Esq., Leslie Kyman Cooper, Esq., and Jinju Park, Esq.

And no, I don't feel sorry for them. There's honest work to be had at the public defender's office. Not to mention the local car wash.

If Judge Bury ultimately okays the USP, Horne will have to go pound sand.

That's the opinion of Tucson attorney Richard Martinez, who represents plaintiffs in a separate complaint in federal court, which argues that HB 2281 is unconstitutional and should be overturned.

I asked him what Horne could do, if Bury says grace over the Unitary Status Plan.

"Probably not a damn thing," he told me. "They would have to go back to Huppenthal and start the process all over again against the district."

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It did not get in because of all the objections.  Mexican-American Studies is a Communist, anti-white, anti-American Program which teaches hate and to wage a war against the U.S.  It is treasonous and really ugly!  Mexico owned the SW of the U.S. the least of everyone - from 1824 - 1848 and they stole it from Spain who owned it for 300 years before them.  There is not even any proof they were ever up here - just legends!  Their books have horrible stuff in them teaching "hate" in our public schools against white people.


@cugagcmu80 Thank you for an excellent post. I come from a diametrically different angle, but I share your point of view 100% !  It's as simple as this:  The more you know each other, the more you understand each other  --  the more comfortable you feel around each other, and, most importantly, the less you will be likely to fall for the haters among us, who preach their hate in ever so subtle ways!


I'm a retired GA high school social studies teacher who taught ethnic studies for 10 years during the 33 years I spent in the classroom, and my students enjoyed learning about different races, religions, governments, etc.  My classes were multicultural, composed of students of different races, religions, ethnicities, etc.  In the 10 years during which I taught the course, not one student, parent, or administrator ever complained that the class encouraged students to "hate" the state/federal government, none said the class caused them to develop racist attitudes toward any group in the country, or that the course curriculum was "oppressive."  In fact, most of my students enjoyed the class immensely and thanked me for exposing them to the cultures of groups with which they weren't familiar.  Of course, I'm one who thinks that the  more a person knows about the world and the people who live in it, the better because it allows a person to realize that although people differ in some ways, the majority of them have a lot in common.


Mr Lemons, I have come to the conclusion that you're wasting your time writing articles such as this. The re-election of Arpaio and the election of throwbacks like Horne, Huppenthal, Brewer and Montgomery has proven to me that Arizona is populated by a bunch of ignorant sick fucks who will never be able to see past their tiny racist mindset. Arizona is truly a place that the United States of America could easily do without. If ever a state, and it's people deserved to be kicked out of the union, it is the future RepubliKKK of Dumbfuckistan.


Thanks Mr. Lemons for another very informative article keeping us up to date on the racist shenanigans of Horne and Huppenthal ! And, I second what Dennis20 says about the human rights activist DA Morales.Leonard Clark

dennis20 topcommenter

DA Morales has been a thorn on the side of racism and injustice in Tucson. He's stayed on one important issue thats been difficult to follow unless you are active in TUSD, He's paid the price personally and yet never gives up.  I like the guy. 


These racist revisionist pricks make me want to puke.


MAS isn't discredited. The Horne Dogg is discredited. He went after a successful TUSD program because the children who took MAS classes didn't buy into his bullshit. What empirical evidence is there to demonstrate that the MAS program promoted race hatred or advocated violence or disloyalty? What empirical evidence is there to show that Horne is a sleazy political hack who thinks with his dick? As for Huppenthal, that Goober never spent a day in public school. He's a good catholic boy.

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol and the judicial branch saves the day again! Id just like to take a moment and thank the Founding Fathers for their brilliant decision to separate the 3 branches...and thank the judges for bringing a little sanity back to our state. Wed be screwed without them!

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