Russell Pearce's Leprechaun Rob Haney Flips Out, Invalidates LD 25 Election, Calls the Coppers

Thing is, the five persons who did not want their names on the ballot were taken off the ballot that night by Haney, who ordered new ballots printed as his fellow Rs cooled their heels, or left in disgust because of this intemperate idgit's insanity.

The election of officers had already occurred. The anti-Pearce faction took a solid majority of the state committee positions after casting their Haney-sanitized ballots. But Haney and his fellow crazies apparently want another bite at the apple.

Heck, even the interim LD 25 chair Haydee Dawson, a Pearce loyalist, stated in an e-mail to her fellow Rs her belief that the vote was valid.

"I do not believe that at any point voter fraud was perpetrated," Dawson wrote. "We had 408 out 453 PC present or by Proxy the night of the election. It is my firm belief that if voter fraud was being committed chairman Haney would have demanded that election be stopped immediately instead of requesting new ballots to be printed without the names of those individuals who stated they were on the ballot without their knowledge.

"Were voter fraud a really the case that should have been what happened instead of proceeding with the election as scheduled. Since that did not happen, it was a surprise to me when I was told the following day that the results of the election were likely to be invalidated."

Why should you care about this Republi-nut rigmarole and Haney's rule-bending antics?

Well, because I'm hearing rumors that two-time-loser, recalled former state Senate President Russell Pearce is gathering his forces, preparing for a revenge campaign for chair of the Arizona Republican Party.

And if that happens, we're all affected by Pearce having any sort of bully pulpit, from which, you can bet, he will bully folks. Because that and lying are two things the Mesa muttonhead does without thinking.

But even if Pearce doesn't make a bid, it's important that Pearce and his ilk continue to lose, over and over again, until they are driven into the hateful dust from whence they sprang.

The Mexican-hatin' Haney is a longtime Pearce bootlicker, which is ironic because he's already endorsed businessman Robert Graham for state chair over destined-to-be-defeated incumbent Tom Morrissey. Not sure how he'll square that circle, should his lord and master Pearce step into the ring.

A new vote has yet to be scheduled. Nor have the ground rules been set.

The latter is important, as, according to LD 25-ers I've talked to, Pearce didn't submit a nominating questionnaire, as required. And if the new vote adheres to the bylaws of LD 25, then it's too late for Pearce to get his name on the ballot. Save, perhaps, as a write-in.

If Pearce is not elected to the state committee, he cannot run for party chair, or even for re-election to his current post, First Vice Chair.

Perhaps knowing this, Mesa attorney Brent Ellsworth sent Haney a letter last week, asking that the election be thrown out. Ellsworth, who was elected an LD 25 officer on November 29, complained that Haney had cast a pall over the entire election.

Read Brent Ellsworth's challenge letter.

He also noted that there were several others who should not be on the ballot because they either: stated on their questionnaires that they did not want to be state committee candidates, or had not indicated their intentions one way or another.

Ellsworth's letter has earned him the enmity of Haney and the pro-Pearce faction. In a recent e-mail to Haney, Ellsworth related how Haney booted Ellsworth from a meeting of Haney's geriatric G-men (and G-women) over at the state GOP's headquarters.

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Just sounds like more Arizona Republican "business as usual" to me. Their lack of ethics is amazing, but still, it goes mostly unnoticed by the population.


Doesn't twice disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce have ANYTHING better to do than to pretend he's still politically relevant?

Then again, seeing Pearce get his ass handed to him for the third time would be entertaining. 

Haney needs to stop bitching and get in compliance with state laws regarding elections or else he'll end up like state AG Tom "Banned for Life by the SEC" Horne, who has already lost ANY hope he ever had of remaining a successful politician. 


It appears that several freethinking Republicans have been banned for life from the Maricopa Party. I guess the bylaws don't allow for thinking outside the box or actually expressing thoughts that weren't scripted and approved by the local gendarmes.

It might be that Mr. Haney is more important in his imagination than in real life. Just like the local sheriff and our beloved governor, Mrs. Wagnpunch.


Let the AZ. GOP keep crash and burnin, better for all us.


Haney is a nutjob on a mission to purge all non Mexican-hating RINOs from the Republican Party, so--even though they won't win elections anymore--they can enjoy their xenophobia-fests without anyone ever challenging their thinking.


It will be for the local history books, if the neo-Nazi hugging demagogue ru$$ell pearce ever tries again to run for anything political. Only to be called a "3 time sore loser" that he is (or will be). The bitter old fucknut is like a returning poltergeist that needs some serious exorcism. Someone's oughta put that final nail in the coffin. So that Mesa can proceed in peace, without that guy's ugly face resurfacing again and again.


These "Senior Depends" types like Haney need to call in another COMPLETE NUTJOB that lost out in Nov,  Allen West!  Maybe West can fire a gun next to someone that pisses him off (again...)

Or maybe that Tea Party party boy, David Schweikert, that has his ass handed to him by the GOP leadership in DC!

The GOP in AZ is just do damn STUPID!  Haney seems to represent the gene pool  so well!  Especially when he pisses himself!

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