Russell Pearce's Mad Elf Rob Haney: Sued on Christmas Eve

Check out this e-mail notice sent out by attorney Kory Langhofer to Haney and other concerned parties, just hours before Christmas day began:

From: Langhofer, Korey A.
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2012 3:08 PM
Subject: Initiation of Federal Lawsuit

Mr. Meyers, Mr. Haney, and Mr. Husband:

I have attached to this e-mail copies of (1) a Verified Complaint and related exhibits, (2) a Civil Cover Sheet, (3) three Summonses, (4) a Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction, (5) a Motion to Exceed Page Limits, and (6) two proposed orders, each of which was filed this afternoon in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

One of the first matters we must address is service of process. (We are planning to serve Mr. Meyers and Mr. Husband as agents of the MCRC and its investigative committee. We are planning to serve Mr. Haney personally and as an agent of the MCRC and its investigative committee.) Our preference, to minimize any disruptions in your holidays, is to handle service of process electronically. If you are willing to accept service of process by e-mail, please let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will seek to effect personal service on each of you as contemplated by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the absence of an agreement of the parties, as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kory Langhofer

So far, Langhofer tells me there's been nary a peep out of Haney and team Pearce.

Langhofer's e-mail is like an electronic version of the classic flaming dog poop prank, plopped on Haney's front porch, wrapped in Christmas ribbon, doused with kerosene and set aflame.

The suit contends Haney abrogated Arizona's open meetings law, violated the civil rights of those who took part in the LD 25 elections, and engaged in all kinds of chicanery in order to void the outcome of the November 29 vote.

Haney is also resorting to outright intimidation, under the color of law, to get his way, telling the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet that he "will probably have sheriff's deputies" on hand to, ahem, "monitor" the vote.

Furthermore, Haney has indicated that he will turn over the findings of his ad hoc group of flunkies to "law enforcement," which I gather this desiccated leprechaun defines as "Sheriff Joe."

Haney has pulled this power play at least once before, back in 2010, when Pearce failed to get himself elected to the state committee. Haney simply declared the vote null and void and ordered a revote.

Back then, the anti-Pearce PCs dutifully went along with Haney's Joe Stalin-like action, and Pearce made it on the state committee.

What a difference two years makes. With Pearce's double-digit losses both in the 2011 recall and in his failed comeback run for state Senate in the GOP primary this year, the non-Pearce-ites are emboldened.

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well we are in 2013 new year bat the some nuting Change im From  Dunwoody,GA


The insane nut job left in place by Haney as an interim chair, Ian Murray, just sent a conspiracy-laden rant out last night, and also sent a letter drafted by Haney that is clearly in violation of his agreement (after getting his butt kicked by the lawyers) to recognize the elections. These people just can't help themselves


@1Barbara1 What do you believe Barbara?


The villagers are pissed, and have taken up pitchforks, torches, and brilliant lawyers to drive these insane Pearce/Haney nutjobs out for good.  Merry Christmas, Rob Haney!  The attorney for the non-racist, non-birther, Republicans is going to destroy Haney in court.


Maybe the Joker can send his deputies in black SUV's with Mexican plates to serve Haney with the summons.  Say about 2am.

It IS the job of the Sheriff to provide service!  Maybe Lisa Allen can take pictures for the mcso website!


2013 New Year's resolution should be to make Haney and Pearce ancient history.  BTW, your Dems in this state are just flat out pathetic. Seriously, did they really want that neo-Nazi loving pearce scumbag back on the seat? That's the last thing we need. Someone's oughta hammer that final nail in the coffin, and put his political career out of its misery. This Christmas Eve lawsuit should do it.

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