Russell Pearce's Mad Elf Rob Haney: Sued on Christmas Eve


What two things do Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rob Haney and erstwhile Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong have in common?

Each despises democracy, and each boasts a brain dipped in formaldehyde.

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Okay, in Mao's case that should be past tense, because he's past tense. And Haney, well, he just resembles a corpse.

Read the federal lawsuit against Haney filed Christmas Eve.

Indeed, the wee-man, who loves carrying H2O for recalled, disgraced two-time loser and former state Senate President Russell Pearce, has been a veritable Tasmanian devil of late.

First, Haney's head practically exploded during a November 29 meeting of the Legislative District 25 Republicans, where two votes took place: one for new officers, and the other for state committee persons to represent LD 25 at a state committee meeting scheduled for January 26.

Pissed at the outcome, and the fact that his favored pro-Pearce slate lost in Pearce's own Mesa district, Haney reportedly told all and sundry that fraud was afoot. And he threatened to get his pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio involved.

Before you know it, Haney (allegedly) was violatin' bylaws left and right (mostly right, natch), empowering an ad hoc investigative committee to look into the supposed "fraud," and ultimately overturning the results of both November 29 votes, even though it was only the state committee election that apparently had any problems associated with it.

One of these problems was that some of those running for the state committee, including Haney's pal Pearce, apparently had not submitted the proper paperwork to be considered as candidates.

So, like a mini-me version of an Egyptian Emperor of old, Haney solved this problem with a clap of his hands: ordering new rules for the election, allowing anyone who wanted to run to submit the required form.

Emperor Haney then ordered new elections to take place January 9, to be overseen by the previous LD 25 leadership, which is decidedly pro-Pearce.

This will be seven days after a legitimate January 2 meeting called by LD 25 PCs, for a do-over of the state committee election, to be overseen by the new LD 25 officers.

And now, as of Christmas Eve, there's a civil rights lawsuit against Haney in federal court filed on behalf of the LD 25 officers Haney recently un-elected.

The complaint charges that Haney has far exceeded his authority as county chair, trampling over state law, GOP bylaws, and the U.S. Constitution.

Plaintiffs in the suit ask the court to issue an order, forcing Haney to back off and cancel the revote he's scheduled, while allowing the revote on the state committee persons from LD 25 to be overseen by the officers elected on November 29

Most deliciously, the complaint asks the court to award the plaintiffs the legal fees incurred to bring the action.

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well we are in 2013 new year bat the some nuting Change im From  Dunwoody,GA


The insane nut job left in place by Haney as an interim chair, Ian Murray, just sent a conspiracy-laden rant out last night, and also sent a letter drafted by Haney that is clearly in violation of his agreement (after getting his butt kicked by the lawyers) to recognize the elections. These people just can't help themselves


@1Barbara1 What do you believe Barbara?


The villagers are pissed, and have taken up pitchforks, torches, and brilliant lawyers to drive these insane Pearce/Haney nutjobs out for good.  Merry Christmas, Rob Haney!  The attorney for the non-racist, non-birther, Republicans is going to destroy Haney in court.


Maybe the Joker can send his deputies in black SUV's with Mexican plates to serve Haney with the summons.  Say about 2am.

It IS the job of the Sheriff to provide service!  Maybe Lisa Allen can take pictures for the mcso website!


2013 New Year's resolution should be to make Haney and Pearce ancient history.  BTW, your Dems in this state are just flat out pathetic. Seriously, did they really want that neo-Nazi loving pearce scumbag back on the seat? That's the last thing we need. Someone's oughta hammer that final nail in the coffin, and put his political career out of its misery. This Christmas Eve lawsuit should do it.

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