Joe Arpaio's Birther Bud Tom Morrissey Punks Out of GOP Chair Race; Russell Pearce Could Still Play Spoiler to Bob Graham

But even crazies have their breaking point. Morrissey's chairmanship has been disastrous, and many of his fellow Rs loathe him for a host of reasons, including his lackluster fundraising skills.

(For example, at one point, the party HQ's air-conditioning went kaput and couldn't be fixed immediately for lack of funds.)

For the time being, firearms instructor and GOP Legislative District 23 chair Doug Little reportedly will run in Morrissey's stead, representing the Cs. Though even Rs I talk with know little of Little.

Where is two-time loser, recalled ex-state Senate President and GOP First Vice Chair Russell Pearce in all this?

It's rumored that Pearce may still step in, if it looks like Little is a guaranteed loser.

"He remains a threat up to and including the day of the election," one GOP insider told me of Pearce. "He could run right from the floor."

That is, Pearce could be nominated from the floor if he's a state committeeman.

But Pearce hasn't been elected to the new state committee, yet. Pearce's own personal leprechaun Rob Haney had the LD 25 state committee election results thrown out earlier this month when the count didn't turn out exactly the way he wanted. Pearce was among the 152 or so state committee persons elected.

A subsequent review by LD 25 non-crazies revealed that Russell didn't turn in a nominating petition. A new election has been scheduled for early January, and Russ is sure to file the proper paperwork this time.

The non-crazies are now abuzz and may make a serious effort to prevent Pearce getting the needed votes to make it to the state committee. Still, it's hypothetically possible that Pearce could be appointed to fill a state committee vacancy, according to the GOP bylaws.

Ironically, Haney, who is on his way out as chair of the county GOP, did not get elected to the state committee from his district, LD 28.

That's freaking hi-larious considering how Haney's strong-arming LD 25.

Pearce could still end up the chair of the state party come late January, if all his mallards line up. Such a result would be a disaster for the AZ GOP and give Pearce a soapbox to spew hate from.

Though, selfishly, it would be good for me, as kicking Pearce-tail in print has been very good for the brand.

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Sounds like this guy, Morresey is trying to say something, you know, something like "Pearce camp told to step down or they'll brale my knees", so the goof ball pearce can make it to the State Committee


It's actually sad how low the AZ GOP has gone, when this mentally handicapped old fools second in command is that PURE SLIME BAG OF DIRT RECALLED RUSS PEARCE!

It's clear that there is no one connected with the AZ GOP that cares the public face of the party in AZ is a bunch of morons.


"upcoming knee surgeries that will likely require a lengthy recovery period."

That makes sense. I suppose it would difficult to get "ahead" in the local party if one's knees didn't allow him to "give ahead".

I rather imagine Bob Graham has been given his orders, as well. Likely from Mr. Kavanaugh from Fountain Hills, the infamous purveyor fund raising locales for the Pearce munchkins.


@WhoKnows Both parties are full of morons, unfortunately they are all smart manipulative morons because >90% of people that vote vote for them.  Most people don't vote with their minds, history proves it.

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