Joe Arpaio's Birther Bud Tom Morrissey Punks Out of GOP Chair Race; Russell Pearce Could Still Play Spoiler to Bob Graham

PM's satirical depiction of Jeff Vath's whipping boy Tom Morrissey

GOP blogging badass Jeff Vath of PolitocoMafioso fame was the first to report the news that Arizona Republican Party Chair Tom Morrissey is punking out on his bid for re-election at the party's January 26 state committee meeting, where new officers will be elected.

Morrissey has since issued a statement on the party website claiming the decision is "due to upcoming knee surgeries that will likely require a lengthy recovery period."

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Genuflecting before the altar of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was one of Morrissey's few remaining backers, does take its toll, I reckon.

Plus, flying the frayed Tea Party banner in 2012 ain't the same as doing so in early 2011, when the Teabaggers were still in full-on attack mode, and Morrissey was their man.

As tempting as it may be to ascribe Morrissey's powder-taking to his recent remarks concerning the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate, it wasn't a backlash to birthers that caused Morrissey to drop out.

Rather it was the realization that he did not have the support to overcome businessman Robert Graham, who is favored to win the chairmanship.

Heck, Morrissey couldn't even count on the support of Maricopa County
Republican Party chair Rob "Hatter-Mad" Haney, who helped Morrissey become state chair in 2011.

This time around, Haney's endorsed Graham, bolstering Graham's all-important crazy-credentials.

See, Sand Land Rs are divided into two camps: Crazy and non-crazy. And many of the crazies have been eyeing Graham suspiciously because he's the successful CEO of his own financial advisory firm RG Capital, and, generally, anyone with enough sense to make money cannot be counted on to be as unbalanced as the crazies want him or her to be.

Which is why I viewed Morrissey's birther comments as an effort to win back some of that crazy support he used to be able to count on.

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Sounds like this guy, Morresey is trying to say something, you know, something like "Pearce camp told to step down or they'll brale my knees", so the goof ball pearce can make it to the State Committee


It's actually sad how low the AZ GOP has gone, when this mentally handicapped old fools second in command is that PURE SLIME BAG OF DIRT RECALLED RUSS PEARCE!

It's clear that there is no one connected with the AZ GOP that cares the public face of the party in AZ is a bunch of morons.


"upcoming knee surgeries that will likely require a lengthy recovery period."

That makes sense. I suppose it would difficult to get "ahead" in the local party if one's knees didn't allow him to "give ahead".

I rather imagine Bob Graham has been given his orders, as well. Likely from Mr. Kavanaugh from Fountain Hills, the infamous purveyor fund raising locales for the Pearce munchkins.


@WhoKnows Both parties are full of morons, unfortunately they are all smart manipulative morons because >90% of people that vote vote for them.  Most people don't vote with their minds, history proves it.

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