Russell Pearce's Slimy Bro Lester Pearce Censured and Fined by Commission on Judicial Conduct

Irish wolfhound Tom Ryan lets the Pearces have it, and Judge Pearce nearly scraps with Dennis Gilman (@ 3:32) in this classic video from 2011

Add another scalp to the lodge wall. Recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce's brother, ex-supervisor's candidate and one-time Justice of the Pearce Lester Pearce, has been formally censured for campaigning on behalf of his sibling during the historic 2011 recall election that drove ol' Russ from power.

It was also alleged that he kinda-sorta did a little campaigning for Russ' sham-wow candidate Olivia Cortes, as Lester was in the car with his niece Shilo Sessions as she went around collecting signatures to put Cortes' name on the ballot.

See, she and others hoped Cortes would siphon votes away from the ultimate victor in the recall, state Senator Jerry Lewis.

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Lester is no longer a judge, having stepped down to run in this year's GOP primary for Maricopa County Supervisor against fellow tusker Steve Chucri, who, quite naturally, wiped the floor with Lester's weaselly pock-marked mug.

But Lester was still a JP while he was campaigning for his not-so-little brother, so Arizona's Commission on Judicial Conduct has now fined Lester $1,500, and spanked him for being a bad boy.

This, as part of an agreement wherein the wingnutty ex-jurist waived his right to object.

(Scary to think this sleaze actually had power at one time.)

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Russell Pearce, his Brother, his Two Nieces, Mrs. Cortes, the Tea Party , and G.O.P. Officials involved in the Felony "Electoral Rigging, and Manipulating" of the Official Recall Election of Russell Pearce should not simply be fined, they should be doing the nine months to Two Years in Jail that they all earned in this Class Five Felony Conspiracy!

There is "No Justice" in Arizona for the "Powerful", right Mr. Horne?!

To: Justice.


Wolfhound Tom Ryan should really run for C.A. My vote would automatically go to him. Maybe then, he'll start opening up cold cases within the MCSO to help root out corruption in that corrupt agency. The Flaccid Fool may be long gone by then, buried 6ft deep and somewhere not in Heaven. But his underlings will still be around to pay for his crimes.


Mr. Lemons, 

Do you know if Lester was barred from holding a JP position? 


Now if only MontyPug will stop playing politics and actually indict twice disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Russ and throw his ass in prison, as well as quite a few others, we may actually start to see normalcy return to this state.

shadeaux14 topcommenter

Proof positive that somewhere, hidden in a very dark place in the Pearce family genome, is a "Slime" allele.


A small victory in a state that reeks of corrupt, self-righteous fanatics and sleazy good ol' boys and girls.


Anywhere the snake oil of "hate" can be sold...there, you will find the Pearce brothers.

Leonard Clark


Mr. Lemons....are the "Turd Boys" any relation to "Turd Blossom" ?


The Pearce's, more scumbag hero's of JoeArpaioFan


Hey Lester....suck it!

The Pearce boys are not welcome in my state..move the hell out and trouble some other place.

dennis20 topcommenter

Ryan for County Attorny sounds very good indeed.  DRAFT RYAN! 

teknik topcommenter

let's hope all these self righteous, "small government", nuts get tossed out of power before they can further exhort their will on the people of our state.

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