Black Friday Walmart Protests: A Frontline Report by Dennis Gilman

Gilman's report from the front lines

Wobblies, Unitarians, Occupy folks, and assorted concerned citizens converged on at least two Walmart locations in the Valley on Black Friday to protest the way the mega-corp treats its workers, and local videographer Dennis Gilman was on hand to capture some of the action, as you can see above.

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The demonstrations in Buckeye and Tempe were part of protests against Walmart in several cities nationwide. USA Today, the Christian Science Monitor and other media outlets report that the effort was organized by the union-backed group OUR Walmart, Organization United for Respect at Walmart.

Such protests, alas, did not allay the usual Black Friday insanity that occurred at some Walmarts and others retailers, as noted by my colleague Ray Stern.

Those scenes bring to mind one of the greatest Christmas song of all times, "Fuck Christmas," by the seminal punk band FEAR.

A very depressing holiday, all in all...

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Costco pays people almost double what Walmart pays. They get better people, no turnover, and more productivity. Treating the people who make your business run in a fair manner is simply good business.


Look at lemons' attempt at making amends with his boyfriend by giving him credit for doing nothing.


Walmart workers who protested should be fired. They should just be thankful to have jobs. If they don't like the working conditions, find employment elsewhere. Those workers can easily be replaced.

dennis20 topcommenter

@youproductsucks  You have a very small mind if you think people have to agree on everything to work together or appreciate another persons work. No surprises that homophobia runs your thought patterns and logic either.  Have a nice holiday.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan stop and think about what you are saying. you miss the point on many things, but you are almost hitting the problem on the head with this. your second sentence is all you needed and would express it very well. the last 2 sentences nicely backed up your statement and belief. if you stay with coherent observations like this, people will make fun of you less and hear you out. this is going to hurt me to have to say, but if you leave out the first sentence, i would give your post a thumbs up. the reason i wont give you a thumbs up for your first sentence is as follows-  if they terminate people for being miscontent , then they will be looking for employees who will take any job and not complain. whereas there are many citizens who would gladly take that job and not complain, there are even more illegals that would also (and they will work cheaper). so if you are truly against the illegals taking jobs.....dont create openings for them or opportunities for them. you have seen Everify is a flawed system, so you know illegals can get through. there are other ways of taking care of that other than termination.cut hours is one. dont forget JAF if you terminate will still be paying unemployement. you almost had one i would agree with wholeheartedly, remove the first sentence and you would have a post that you would be surprised how many people commend you


 @JoeArpaioFan This from a boy who has the Burger King ream his butt at least once a week!  

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