Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Approves 2012 Election Canvass

The perception was (and still is among some) that this election was out of control, beyond the pale of what is acceptable.

And yet, there's not a huge change from the last presidential election in 2008. Nor do I recall any hue and cry over the late vote count back then.

The total canvass, which Osborne joked is, "3,000 pages of reading pleasure," includes the number of provisionals cast in each precinct.

"Every precinct had them," Osborne told me. "They were all over, West Phoenix, Paradise Valley...What you'll see is, it's a mosaic of the entire county. It isn't any one place.

She said that on December 5, county elections will unveil maps they're working on that will show the distribution of the vote throughout the county.

I have a CD copy of the entire canvass, but it's way too large for me to post in its entirety. A cursory review does show that seemingly every precinct had provisionals, but there are variations, and it will take more time to analyze the raw data.

Overall, there were 1,499 conditional provisionals cast, where a voter did not have the proper ID.

Of that number, 414 people came back to the polls and presented their ID on the same day, 61 presented sufficient ID after election day, and 1,024 did not return with their ID.

"That's half what we had in 2008," Osborne said of the 1,024. "Which is good."

There were 59,623 people who had requested early ballots, did not return them, but showed up at the polls to vote. They had to vote provisionally.

Osborne said that's twice as many as in 2008.

County stats also show that 28,446 provisionals were for new residents, and 7,215 people tried to vote who were not registered to vote.

During county elections' presentation to the BOS, Osborne explained how everyone at her office kicked in to get the count done. Even the IT people helped out with non-IT tasks.

"Everyone pulled together to do things they don't normally do," she said.

All of this was done under considerable stress, as county elections became the focal point for the frustration, distrust and disappointment of various activist groups, who engaged in spirited demonstrations outside elections offices.

Sadly, I think a lot of the angst was due to misinformation, misunderstanding and lack of effective communication.

But hey, you live and learn. Hopefully.

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Again...I thank my friend Stephen Lemons but...there is a rotten fish in Denmark...err..Maricopa county and telling us to not believe our lying eyes or our lying noses about the stench emanating from Maricopa county officials Osborne and Purcell just won't cut it. I had a personal meeting today with Karen Osborne and...she is a very nice little old lady...the kind of person you just hate to challenge but...that's not an excuse to be a push over now... I agree with Dennis and the others here. This needs to be thoroughly and meticulously investigated so that it won't happen again. The usual excuses just don't work anymore. I will have more details on my brief meeting with Karen Osborne later on. And...thank you Mr. Lemons, you are still one of my favorite investigative reporters Dennis has put his personal safety and well being on the line many times before.

So what....I have a disagreement my good friend Mr. Lemons but....I'm not going to let that start a neurotic hate fest like the whole Penzone controversy did. I still believe Mr. Penzone was wrongly smeared and I won't be a part of that by repeating the same kind of behaviour against a reporter who has put his life on the line to many times against fascists like Arpaio to bring "the truth" out. Thanks to my other friends who are stating their opinions as the others have done without smearing each other.Leonard ClarkMaricopa county and Arizona resident11-27-12


I think a lot of the angst had to do with mistrust.  Why should we trust a county reporter that sends out misinformation in Spanish and takes takes weeks to get the vote counted?  Why should we trust the fairness of an electoral system that makes people wait in line for hours to vote, particularly in lower-income neighborhoods?

dennis20 topcommenter

Lemons states "There were 59,623 people who had requested early ballots, did not return them, but showed up at the polls to vote. They had to vote provisionally."

Did not return them or never got them? 

and 7,215 people tried to vote who were not registered to vote? 

Are you fucking kidding me?  Either  7,215 people commtitted a felony or something is really fucking wrong.

When do we get to find out who sent out the wrong voting date in Spanish? 

Never? Are we not allowed to know anything about that?  

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

so every 4 years during the presidential and sheriff elections we have redistricting problems that cause ballots to be pitched? why doesnt this happen during the election years that arent for pres or sheriff? i dont believe this is why Arpaio won though (i know the voters tend to lean toward the retarded) but it sure doesnt help their case of saying there isnt anything hinky happening. with a problem that only occurs during certain elections and not others, they really cant blame people for coming up with conspiracy theorys. coincidences can only occur so many times before its no longer a coincidence and becomes a pattern


@leonardclark personal safety at risk?  You bunch of drama queens sound no different than arpaio claiming his life has been threatened.


@dennis20 Someone already fell on the proverbial sword over the typo in spanish.  Quit your whining, you sound like a petulant child.  Redistricting allowed the Dems to win in many more precincts than deserved in Az.  You have nothing to complain about.


@danzigsdaddy Indeed. Failure to learn and properly anticipate can rightfully be construed as negligence in certain types of situations. The question, as I see it, is -- how and why did they not properly anticipate and prepare for this election? 

Can you imagine how much chaos there would have been if GOP lawyers that wanted the courts to disqualify the IRC maps had succeeded?

dennis20 topcommenter

@youproductsucks @dennis20  Who fell on "the proverbial sword" over the wrong date sent out in spanish? Answer: No one. It was discovered by someone who received it and Purcell apologized. Thats not an investigation as to who did it, how or why. You're a dumb-ass Jack.  You are also still a coward. 


@youproductsucks @dennis20 

Well that's funny my name is Leonard Clark and yet you whine hiding behind a pseudonym.  It's easy to spout mis-truths and call people names when you don't have intestinal fortitude to tell us who you are. name is Leonard Clark, I don't have to hide behind a fake name  :)

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