Ken Bennett Says 192,337 Ballots Left, Democrat Mary Rose Wilcox Defends County Elections

Yes, lefties, this woman is a Republican, but she is not Russell Pearce, for cryin' out loud

There's light at the end of the tunnel, my friends. And I hope there's a beer with my name on it when we get to it.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has released his latest update on the ballot count. Currently, there are 192,337 ballots left to be counted statewide, 28,550 of them early ballots, 163,787 of them provisionals.

As always, most are from vote-wealthy Maricopa County.

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Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell announced today (Wednesday) that, "18,731 early ballots were tabulated and 8,489 provisional ballots (cast at the polling place on Election Day) were tabulated."

Remaining in the county are 27,000 early ballots, and around 114,000 provisional ballots, 141,000 total.

That's way down from Thursday of last week, when there were more than a half-million early and provisional ballots left to count in the county, and more than 630,000 statewide.

County elections director Karen Osborne spoke to me as she was heading into work around 6 a.m. this morning. She explained that it was unlikely the county would make its deadline by week's end for processing all remaining ballots.

"We will not hit the Friday deadline for the provisionals," she explained. "But we're using that as a goal...and we're going to work on finishing up the earlies."

That's not another reason to freak out, by the way. When I spoke with SOS Bennett last week, he told me that he could extend the Friday deadline, if certain counties needed more time.

State statute apparently gives Bennett and county officials leeway in this regard. Some people have been under the misconception that if all ballots were not processed by Friday, those remaining would not count.

"Someone asked me, `What do you do, stop counting?'" Osborne said of not meeting the deadline. "I laughed out loud. Yeah, right."

Wednesday's ballot-count update from the SOS

The 21-year vet of the recorder's office sounded incredibly chipper for someone leading a department that's taken so much verbal abuse over the last week.

Everyone from local activists to lefty MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has been taking a swipe at state and county elections officials, going so far as to hint at a dark conspiracy to disenfranchise minority voters.

There have been numerous complaints of lines at polling places, folks signed up for the Permanent Early Voting List, who did not receive their mail-in ballot, and those forced to vote with a provisional ballot for various reasons.

Osborne told me that in her review of the provisional ballots, she believes that the number one reason people voted provisionally was because they were signed up for PEVL, but decided to vote at a polling place for whatever reason.

When that happens, county elections requires persons to vote provisionally, to ensure that they haven't already sent in their early ballots. Thus voting twice. Which is, like, illegal or something.

Osborne also said she found provisionals being cast "in every corner of the county."

"Every single precinct [seems to have been affected]," she told me. "Not just the minority precincts."

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What do you know.  There's some good stuff in the New Times.   AZ Republic has done a very poor job reporting on this.  The only thing missing here is a note on California's plight:  1.7 million ballots to be counted, including 900,000 provisional, as of 11/15.   If you don't like Arizona, you'll hate California, but, hey, it's a "progressive" state, so if they're disenfranchising voters it's, like, ok.

dennis20 topcommenter

No Mr. lemons. I'm not buying your analysis at all.  Az is ahead of the nation in voter suppression thanks to prop 200 and that is where my analysis starts.  This year 33 States passed ALEC modeled voter laws similar to prop 200.  If the DOJ and ACLU and others weren't camped out in Florida and Ohio by the hundreds we would all be dealing with President Romney today.  Sure-we had a few DOJ doodling in Az.  Big Deal! They can't find loop 202 with a GPS half the time unless we hold their hand (see your own Arpaio investigation articles for details).  When all the votes are (sort of) counted and we end up with tens of thousands tossed, if 1% is found to be fraudulent, we will make history as the most ever found in any election.  Don't even get me started with the federal reg. form vs state and how many Az college students were told to go fuck themselves. The youth vote was actually up nationally from 18 to 19% despite this suppression trick in Az. 


Voter registrations were turned in on-time and the county failed to register at least some of those people.  To me, that is bigger news than Mary Rose kissing Purcells booty at the BOS.  


Let me add-your obsession with activists demanding Penzone and Carmona rescind their concessions is way exaggerated and hardly a factor in anything of any importance.  No one marched at Penzone's headquarters. A few statements may have been made (I've yet to have heard any myself) that while 1/3 of the votes weren't counted it would be nice to have our candidates stay in the race. Once people were assured by Carmona, Penzone and even Ann Wallock that if results change-the candidates are still in it, that issue was quickly resolved.   Damn us all for wanting some clarity and getting it-not from the media-but from the candidates and Dem party.  

To continue to blame activists over that 10 days after such alleged statements were made seems a bit obsessive.  I am more concerned about regular voters who were taken off voter lists as are the rest of us who want this confusing mess investigated and fixed.  New voters who registered never showed up on lists,  early voters NEVER received ballots in the mail.

To accept  Bennet and Purcell's claim it was all the voters fault and anything else is tin foil hat wackery is nonsense.  


People never got the registration card in the mail until election day or never at all, never received the early ballot at all.  I sopke with one citizen and first time voter who spent four hours showing several forms of ID.  It wasn't until his 4th time in line they finally allowed him to even vote provisionally.  Workers were untrained, gave wrong info...should I continue? Yes I will. 


Wanting an investigation or two isn't the same as questioning the moon landing or Obama's birth certificate and having it done by Bennet is not acceptable to any fair minded person.   Helen Purcell says  "it was an accident...only 50 were sent out with the wrong date" and you are good with it?   Not who did it?  How did it happen?  This was discovered and exposed by those who received the info and then it was reported.  To accept the status quo official press release as fact because you are conspiratorial about conspiracy theories hardly makes sense to me.  If the shoe was on the other foot and we had a dem Attn. general, Gov., SOS do you really think republicans would let it go without an investigation?  If we were posting the wrong polinfg places in Sun City retirement homes telling old white folks to vote for Arpaio in the wrong locations on Wednesday would that be OK? As rotten and dishonest as Ableser's campaign was about Jerry Lewis, he NEVER did robo calls telling republicans to vote in the wrong places like Flake did.  


When you have over 1/3 of the votes not counted and  the media has called the election why would anyone waste another hour trying to get that provisional/conditional ballot to count?  Will that even be considered when the report is left as out of 1000 cond/prov's only 50 voters came down to correct it? Not likely. 


 It took Adios Arpaio to show us the emperor is naked and from the mouths of babes come wisdom.  These kids may not have all the experience or political knowledge on following the status quo on elections in Az like our well trained media and Purcell Butt munchers  have.  They may not see why they should believe or follow whatever Helen Purcell or the rest of them tell them and GOD DAMN THEM for demanding all the votes count.  But after spending the summer busting their ass they deserve it and who really thinks those provisionals will be counted without the pressure?  The fact they are finding few problems during the phone banking with their lists is only evidence that Adios Arpaio did a good job.  

It doesn't prove what a wonderful job Purcell is doing at all.  


Nope. I wont just accept that the high number of provisionals was all the voters fault. Where is the mention of Az. voters purged for no reason? Some never got their cards, early voters never got ballots sent yet that info seems lacking in this article.  Almost like it never happened but it did and we know it did. 


This Nation was founded on Voter suppression from day one when only white male property owners were allowed to vote and its been a fight ever since. It's not some tin foil hat conspiracy and anyone who thinks  Az.'s election wasn't riddled with examples simply isn't paying attention.  This has been in play since day one and it doesn't take secret conspiracy meetings with Arpaio, Purcell and Bennet to make it real. It's institutional and thats what you seem to have an inability to see. 


We should be raising more hell over it-not less. 

david_saint01 topcommenter

is it me, or does it seem like they are trying to avoid counting the provisional ballots?? 


This whole process needs to be taken to court for accurate recounts.  We are down to the wire with time and just as many government agencies try to save face through fraud and manipulation, it is a certainty that it is present in the tabulation process throughout all 50 states (I know this might offend the 99%ers aka ReBLOODicans and DemoCRIPS but please don't be offended by truth and reality).  I am thoroughly disappointed that MSM and counter culture Media as well are not investigating these realities.  Hopefully, us as a society can stop being zombies soon enough and realize that Dems and Reps sold the common every day person out >200 years ago and that it is time for us to control our future.


The Liberals are very concerned that their fraudulent ballots will be discovered. many have been already and that is why it is taking so long to count.


Karen does a terrific job but I have got to say some of these races are hearbreakingly close.No way can either Arapio or Flake say they got a mandate.Just saying.


Thanks for the article Stephen but Mary Rose defending Purcell is no surprise....she and Wilcox go way back and have scratched each other's back many a time. They both have offices almost directly next to each other and...are not about to open their little county government world to open scrutiny.  -Leonard Clark


Flake is a flake because he robocalled millions and lied to not only others but a higher power. Why should he run the state?



 Tchebyshev's Theorem:  statistically speaking,  the ballots remaining won't make a difference in any race with a margin of more that a 1,000, now.   Those counted are the first "sample."  Those not counted, the second.   Two such samples won't be different enough to change the outcome.   Heaven forbidden we, like, apply science and reason to this issue, an inconvenient truth.  Barber has beaten McSally.   You can take that to the bank.

stephen.lemons writer

 @dennis20 "Once people were assured by Carmona, Penzone and even Ann Wallock that if results change-the candidates are still in it, that issue was quickly resolved.   Damn us all for wanting some clarity and getting it-not from the media-but from the candidates and Dem party. "


Um, I reported that fact, very early on, that a concession has no legal consequence. In fact,  I was one of the first to make that point emphatically.


As for the statements you say are in question, here's one source, let me know if you need more:


"With so many votes still out, Brenden Walsh with "Unite Here" is calling for Dr. Richard Carmona who ran for Arizona's Congressional Senate seat and Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Paul Penzone to get back into the race. "We are prevailing upon Paul Penzone and on Dr. Carmona to retract their concession speech. The race is not over yet," said Walsh."


I never said the high number of provisionals were voters' fault, BTW. It's not a matter of "fault." There are a lot of reasons provisionals are cast. federal law requires the use of provisionals to make sure those qualified to vote can.


There are three people in my office who had to vote provisionally on election day. All three are white. One is a Republican.


Granted, that's anecdotal evidence, but so is the evidence you're offering.


I don't discount that there were problems, and that those problems need to be addressed. But that does not amount to voter suppression.


On Prop 200, we are in complete agreement, which is why I mentioned it in this article, and have mentioned it in others, along with another law which should be gotten rid of.


How do you explain what Ovide said? I'll repeat it here:


"Spokeswoman Daria Ovide said that the group, which registered more than 34,000 new voters this year, has been operating a phone bank, contacting those they signed up for PEVL, to see if they received their early ballots.

Surprisingly, she told me that after making some 9,000 calls and contacting an estimated 1,000 people, Adios Arpaio had discovered "no systematic disenfranchisement" of voters.

"There are still problems," she told me. "The system is still confusing [and] there are people who did not get an early ballot, but it's not rampant.""










 @JoeArpaioFan (satire) I put poop on my ballot before I sent it in - it's probably even touched your ballot - hopefully the counters are using rubber gloves (satire).


 @JoeArpaioFan Hey, JAF, what's the prize in the BK family meal this week?


 @krissykraft that's dumb. Most of the robocalls went to Republicans, so he was trying to send his own people to the wrong polling places? Hello?



So true Krissy ! Purcell herself has said in her political bio over at azcentral that the politician she most admires from both past and present is: Senator John Kyl. That says alot about her.


 @MelB Alright Mel, I am serious about government fraud and manipulation as a employee/participant in a federal program that cost taxpayers at least $13 billion dollars.  It would be naive for anyone to think that every one of these ballot counters are doing it by the book (they are human and human history is full of fraud and deception).

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