Rich Carmona 4.25 4 4.06 Points Down, Kyrsten Sinema Gains, and 524,633 Votes Left Statewide (w/Update)

To address some of the concerns out there, SOS Ken Bennett held a press conference Friday in downtown Phoenix.

"Every vote will be counted," he promised reporters.

He was asked about the large number of provisionals cast and whether the problem disproportionately affected Latino voters.

"No one group of voters is being singled out," he insisted. "Provisional ballots come in from every precinct, from every voting location.

"They're coming in the same percentages that they came in the 2008 election...All of the voters in Arizona were redistricted in the last year and a half.

"Many counties including our largest, Maricopa, consolidated precincts, down from about 1,140 to about 750. So a lot of things happened during the last four years, and it's the same percentage overall and its happening in all precincts."

I asked Bennett a question that's been posed to me more than once: Why were the early ballots dropped off on election day not processed immediately?

He said the poll workers were dedicated to dealing with voters coming in to vote, not people dropping off mail-ins.

Also, as a mail-in ballot can be dropped off at any poll, the early ballots are boxed and delivered to the county, which then processes them.

"Each poll location does not have the signature forms of all the registered voters in the county," he told me. "There's no way for them to process an early ballot dropped off by a voter...We accept the ballot, collect it and send it down to central count."

My information is that in the days before the election, Maricopa County was inundated with ballots being dropped off by various groups. A backlog developed that the county has yet to whittle down.

Yvonne Reed, a spokeswoman for the county recorder's office, told me that around 90 county workers are helping to process ballots till the count is done.

However, she said they only have 11 machines to feed ballots through.

The count will take time. Bennett even explained that, if necessary, his office could extend the deadline necessary for the county counts to be done.

In a press release accompanying Bennett's press conference, the SOS had this reminder:

"Voters who cast a `conditional provisional' ballot (individuals had insufficient identification when they went to vote at a polling place) have five business days, or until the end of Wednesday, Nov. 14, to return to their county elections office with proper ID."

Voters can got to any of the county or city offices listed on the recorder's website.

I would also suggest that the county release a list of the names of individuals who voted provisionally to the county parties, so they can help contact those who cast a "conditional provisional" ballot.

Certainly the county Dems are eager to make those calls. Why not help them help the voters?

UPDATE 11/10/12 6:43 PM Here's the Saturday update from the county:

"Today 44,788 early ballots were tabulated and approximately 200,000 early ballots still remain to be processed for tabulation. The provisional ballot update is approximately at 122,000 for processing and tabulation."

Latest Penzone vs. Arpaio numbers:

ARPAIO 544,428 51.76
PENZONE 460,403 43.77
STAUFFER 46939 4.46

Arpaio's lead is now a 7.99 point spread. He currently has 84,025 more votes than Penzone.


PARKER 87740 45.58
SINEMA, 92450 48.03

Sinema now leads Parker by 4,710 votes, a 2.45 point spread.

And finally, Flake leads Carmona by 74,409 votes, exactly 4 points.

CARMONA 852,638 45.75
FLAKE 927,047 49.75

UPDATE 11/11/12:

Sunday's update from the county:

"Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell, is reporting another update for the 2012 General Election. Today 60,297 early ballots were tabulated and approximately 140,000 early ballots still remain to be processed for tabulation. The provisional ballot update is approximately at 122,000 for processing and tabulation."

ARPAIO 571,226 51.51
PENZONE 488,075 44.01
STAUFFER 49,717 4.48

As of Sunday afternoon, Arpaio holds a lead over Penzone of 83,151 votes, or 7.5 points.

That's less impressive if Stauffer's numbers are added to Penzone's. Together, Arpaio's two opponents garnered 48.49 percent of the vote, leaving Joe with a bare 3.02 point win.

Will be interesting to see if Arpaio dips below 50 percent as the counting continues. That would only lend a stronger argument to the idea of recalling him.

PARKER 94,697 45.42
SINEMA 100,486 48.2

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema continues to kick Vernon Parker's Tea Party butt. She now leads Parker by 5,789 votes or 2.78 percentage points.

CARMONA 881,966 45.71
FLAKE 960,318 49.77

Flake maintains his lead over Carmona by 78,352 votes or 4.06 percent.

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I voted for Arpaio having a heart attack and dying.


Can you imagine if Stauffer wasn't on the ballot, how much closer the race would be?  And he didn't think he would be a spoiler...


I wouldn't doubt if some of the ballots were thrown out in the pile of hay that was burning; on this state

anything can be posible. Specially when it comes to the old fart "nickel bag joe".


I hope Penzone gets every one of those votes that are left in Nazicopa County.


We need to put the Flaccid Fucknut out to pasture. Now.

wherewasi topcommenter


 Well, I don't think that's likely, but Arpaio's total has fallen by a percent, so far, which now means that he spent MORE THAN $7 MILLION and still, 48% voted against him.  That's got to bring a bit of harsh to his mellow.


And almost 27% of Maricopa County voted for Kielsky over Montgomery and Kielsky didn't even campaign.  Guess there were some us of paying attention when Billie Boy said "If you don't like me, vote for someone else."  That has to make Montgomery feel as good as Stauffer felt when he came in behind "none of the above" in the polls.


 @MuddyWaters  @wherewasi  @MaskedMagician1967 I second that motion.  I don't live in Maricopa County, but I've been reading you guys thoughts for quite a while now.  I know you all, collectively, have the wherewithall to do this.  Ask Parraz to spearhead it, if none of you wish to do so.  Make Joe spend all his money and then some.  

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