Rich Carmona 4.25 4 4.06 Points Down, Kyrsten Sinema Gains, and 524,633 Votes Left Statewide (w/Update)

The latest SOS report on ballots yet to be counted. This was released before Maricopa County issued its latest figures, hence the discrepancy.

Please see updated numbers below after the jump, Carmona is 4 points down as of Saturday evening.

In Carmona vs. Flake, the numbers barely moved on Friday. Flake now leads Carmona by 76,329 votes, a 4.25 point spread.

A reversal here remains possible, if unlikely. That said, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett reported that there are 524,663 early and provisional ballots outstanding statewide. And those are anticipated to skew Democratic.

In Congressional District 9, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema widened the gap between her and Republican Vernon Parker. The former state Senator now has a 4,068 vote lead over the Parasite, um, excuse me, Paradise Valley Tea Bagger, a bare 2.21 point spread.

Parker could overcome Sinema's lead, but with CD 9 leaning slightly D already, and provisionals and earlies likely to break Sinema's way, Parker best polish up his resume and start looking for gainful employment. (Which won't be with the Small Business Administration, that's for sure.)

Groups such as Promise Arizona in Action, Citizens for a Better Arizona, Adios Arpaio, and the ACLU of Arizona are decrying what they call a lack of transparency by state and county officials concerning provisional ballots.

The ACLU issued a press release Friday stating that, it had "sent a letter to county and state elections officials expressing concerns that the state's voter identification law may be resulting in a disproportionate impact on minority voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act."

Adios Arpaio will be running a phone bank all weekend, as volunteers call 10,000 citizens registered to receive an early ballot to see if they got one in the mail.

Spokeswoman Daria Ovide told me the group, which registered more than 34,000 new voters this year, is concerned with the number of provisional ballots cast in the county, now running about 20 percent more than in 2008.

The organization is trying to determine hard stats on folks who may not have gotten their early mail-in ballot, in hopes of finding out why they did not receive it in time, and in some cases had to vote provisionally.

Ovide said the group needs more volunteers. If you are so inclined, email her at

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I voted for Arpaio having a heart attack and dying.


Can you imagine if Stauffer wasn't on the ballot, how much closer the race would be?  And he didn't think he would be a spoiler...


I wouldn't doubt if some of the ballots were thrown out in the pile of hay that was burning; on this state

anything can be posible. Specially when it comes to the old fart "nickel bag joe".


I hope Penzone gets every one of those votes that are left in Nazicopa County.


We need to put the Flaccid Fucknut out to pasture. Now.

wherewasi topcommenter


 Well, I don't think that's likely, but Arpaio's total has fallen by a percent, so far, which now means that he spent MORE THAN $7 MILLION and still, 48% voted against him.  That's got to bring a bit of harsh to his mellow.


And almost 27% of Maricopa County voted for Kielsky over Montgomery and Kielsky didn't even campaign.  Guess there were some us of paying attention when Billie Boy said "If you don't like me, vote for someone else."  That has to make Montgomery feel as good as Stauffer felt when he came in behind "none of the above" in the polls.


 @MuddyWaters  @wherewasi  @MaskedMagician1967 I second that motion.  I don't live in Maricopa County, but I've been reading you guys thoughts for quite a while now.  I know you all, collectively, have the wherewithall to do this.  Ask Parraz to spearhead it, if none of you wish to do so.  Make Joe spend all his money and then some.  

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