Rich Carmona 4.25 4 4.06 Points Down, Kyrsten Sinema Gains, and 524,633 Votes Left Statewide (w/Update)

Bennett: "Every vote will be counted."

Please see updated numbers as of Sunday at the end of blog.

As votes continue to be counted throughout Arizona, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Jeff Flake's lead over Democrat Rich Carmona narrowed ever-so slightly, while in Maricopa County, Republican incumbent Joe Arpaio continued to dominate Democrat Paul Penzone in the sheriff's race.

Both Carmona and Penzone conceded to their GOP rivals on election night, much to the chagrin of some of their supporters, who have been holding out hope that the more than half-million votes remaining statewide will reverse these losing trends.

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So far the numbers do not support this wishful thinking, particularly in the case of Penzone vs. Arpaio, where there was barely a change in the spread after Friday's count was added to the totals.

Currently, Arpaio has 85,670 more votes than Penzone, an 8.49 point spread.

In other words, that duck is dead in the water. Though I anticipate that the gap will narrow.

County Recorder Helen Purcell issued a statement late Friday afternoon, reporting that 17,656 early ballots were tabulated that day, and around 219,703 earlies remain to be counted in the county.

Provisional ballots remaining to be tabulated have risen in-county to 120,000, up 4,000 from Thursday.

According to county elections spokeswoman Yvonne Reed, that number may rise as county workers verify the registrations for each ballot prior to tabulation. There were around 100,000 provisionals cast in Maricopa County in 2008.

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I voted for Arpaio having a heart attack and dying.


Can you imagine if Stauffer wasn't on the ballot, how much closer the race would be?  And he didn't think he would be a spoiler...


I wouldn't doubt if some of the ballots were thrown out in the pile of hay that was burning; on this state

anything can be posible. Specially when it comes to the old fart "nickel bag joe".


I hope Penzone gets every one of those votes that are left in Nazicopa County.


We need to put the Flaccid Fucknut out to pasture. Now.

wherewasi topcommenter


 Well, I don't think that's likely, but Arpaio's total has fallen by a percent, so far, which now means that he spent MORE THAN $7 MILLION and still, 48% voted against him.  That's got to bring a bit of harsh to his mellow.


And almost 27% of Maricopa County voted for Kielsky over Montgomery and Kielsky didn't even campaign.  Guess there were some us of paying attention when Billie Boy said "If you don't like me, vote for someone else."  That has to make Montgomery feel as good as Stauffer felt when he came in behind "none of the above" in the polls.


 @MuddyWaters  @wherewasi  @MaskedMagician1967 I second that motion.  I don't live in Maricopa County, but I've been reading you guys thoughts for quite a while now.  I know you all, collectively, have the wherewithall to do this.  Ask Parraz to spearhead it, if none of you wish to do so.  Make Joe spend all his money and then some.  

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