Russell Pearce-Conqueror Jerry Lewis Endorsed by Eddie Basha, Paul Johnson; Democratic Lies Denounced

But he's not. Instead Lewis is like some sort of Mormon Gandhi, politically speaking, taking it on the chin and hoping to win people over with a positive campaign.

Now, if someone were to wave a magic wand and make me Lord of Sand Land, sure, I'd take that $450 million in the state's piggy bank and give it to the kids. Heck, I'd probably go all socialist on this state, soak the rich and give it all to the poor. Every man a king, just like Huey Long once sang.

But I'm not the Grand Poohbah of Cactus Country, and this year, once more, the Dems were out of power in the state Legislature. Given that reality, Lewis' efforts to get some funding restored are praiseworthy, even if unsatisfactory from a Democrat's perspective.

I spoke with ex-Mayor Johnson about Lewis, who called Lewis a "voice for independence" and a "breath of fresh air," who is always willing to listen to opposing viewpoints.

"The truth should matter," Johnson said of the efforts to paint Lewis as a Tea Partier, since Lewis, by his very election, served to moderate all politics in Arizona.

"He showed a tremendous amount of courage when he ran against a sitting Senate President," Johnson observed. "I'm looking for people like that, willing to buck their party."

I called Basha for a comment as well, and he noted the sea change that's occurred in politics with Russell Pearce gone from power, something a lot of, let's be honest, non-Latino Democrats seem incapable of comprehending.

"Pearce did irreparable damage to the economic opportunities of our state," Basha told me. "Our prosperity suffered immeasurably under Senator Pearce, with all of the divisiveness and the attacks on the Hispanic community.

"As you probably know, Mexico is our largest trade partner, and I'm a businessman and we depend on that economic growth. This is very serious."

He called Lewis' run against Pearce "bold and courageous," and noted that Lewis "served with distinction" in the Senate where he maintained an amicable relationship with Democrats.

The Ds are targeting moderate Rs this year in a desperate attempt to force a 15-15 tie in the Senate. But in doing so, they risk doing away with GOPers that might work with them in the future.

I'm hoping the Dems' viciousness in LD 26 will backfire tomorrow and Lewis will prevail over Ableser, whose 40 percent absentee rate indicates that he lacks Lewis' seriousness and maturity.

I know I'm not the only citizen who has been turned off by the nastiness of the LD 26 Dems. Many of their fellow progressives don't like it as well. And it's them the LD 26 Ds have to justify it to, not to me.

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It appears that if you are running for office in Az, the key to winning is being opposed by stephen lemons.


Neither Eddie Basha nor Paul Johnson are voters in LD26. Their endorsement means (and meant) squat. There's still no denying that Stephen Lemons writing such drivel as "Russell Pearce conqueror Jerry Lewis..." is completely outside of the realm of journalism. Not to mention that he accused me of committing homosexual acts because AS A VOTER IN LD26, Jerry Lewis's record MATTERS more to me than the fact that he was a one day hero.


Drivel appropriately describes Lemons' "coverage" as does the word "pathetic."


Thankfully, (and despite the clumsy suppression of ASU students votes) the VOTERS in LD26 voted for the right candidate.

ExpertShot topcommenter

So, let me get this right - when Ed Ableser doesn't vote on heinous bills proposed and/or voted on by his Republican opponent, according to Mr. Lemons, he's wrong (even though his vote won't mean a thing because the his opponent and the other Republicants control the Legislature and the Governorship).  AND then, according again to Mr. Lemons, he's also wrong when he does vote when it is important (like trying to reverse the GUTTING of our education budget in Arizona schools which his opponent voted for TWICE).  Do you know how many people stand to profit from that Move-On program which the Republicants are funnelling money into (despite the need)?  I think that politicians endorse people for political office because you agree with their positions on the issues.  Mayor Stanton is RIGHT in endorsing Ed Ableser, because Ed Ableser's opponent does not share Mayor Stanton's views on 99% of the issues on which he voted while he was in office.  However, Ed Ableser's opponent DID vote 99% of the time in sync with the Tea Party Republicants that control his Party and which control our Legislature.  Paul Johnson and Eddie Basha should be ashamed that they support an individual which wants to do so much damage to our fellow citizens with this votes, especially students and women in particular!


Why not ask Ed Ableser why he voted against the Republicant Budget first before characterizing his vote against it as something negative?    By not finding out the other sides opinions or information, that's not journalism, it's being a political HACK!Oh, and the English Learner issue - three words: Flores vs. Arizona

Mary Doe
Mary Doe

Dear Stephen Lemons. Consider a different job. You are writing one article over and over and over for how long now. What's your beef with Planned Parenthood anyway? The usual religious 'life begins at conception"?

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

Thanks the heads-up Jason. Our blogs are having issues right now. They should be back up shortly.


Jerry Lewis is a mature statesman, above all the nastiness.  If we had 90 people like him down there, our state wouldn't have near the problems we suffer.  He deserves votes for his courage.


 @Tyler Unfortunately, if we had 90 like him, we'd be slaves to the Tea Party. Jerry Lewis voted the Tea Party agenda in the Arizona Senate.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

 @Tyler Agreed and Dems need to stop bashing him. It's unseemly and just plain wrong.


 @eric.nelson745  @Tyler kudos to lemons for telling it like it is. his lib-tard pals have been all over his ass for not towing the Democrat line

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