Ken Bennett Says 342,936 Ballots Left, 215K from Maricopa County

The first "Prada socialist" ever in Congress. Bernie Sanders, eat your heart out.

Like the Beatles once crooned, "It's getting better all the time...."

Both Maricopa County and the Arizona Secretary of State's Office updated their elections results this afternoon, and the number of remaining ballots is declining at a steady pace.

SOS Ken Bennett reported that statewide 342,936 early and provisional ballots remain to be processed.

Most of that is from Maricopa County, 215,000 ballots in all, according to County Recorder Helen Purcell.

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"For today 49,847 early ballots were tabulated and approximately 93,000 early ballots still remain to be processed for tabulation," Purcell stated in a press release. "The provisional ballot update is approximately at 122,000 for processing then tabulation."

Which is a significant drop from last week, when the SOS reported more than 600,000 ballots outstanding statewide, and Maricopa County reported more than 400,000 left.


There were around 100,000 provisional ballots cast in 2008, which would indicate a 22 percent rise this year.

Redistricting and the county's consolidation of its polling places, from 1,142 to 728, are likely the main causes of much of the confusion that transpired last week.

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robert_graham topcommenter

Ever wonder why it is taking so long to count them? It's because each and every one is being carefully scrutinized to be sure they are legitimate. I have been told that many fraudulent ones have already been found.  Even if every uncounted ballot was for Penzone he would still not be the winner.


American Third Position is a political party that promotes the ethnic interests of white people.  Our webpage is  A3P obtained ballot status in Colorado, Tennessee, and New Jersey.  Our candidate for president was Merlin Miller.  His running mate was Virginia Abernethy.  Merlin Miller ended up getting a little over three thousand votes.

david_saint01 topcommenter

from what ive heard, our state actually voted more for Dems running for the House than Reps. The redistricting helped them, even though they bitched and moaned when it was done cause it wasnt entirely slanted in their favor. 

shadeaux14 topcommenter

Hmmmmmm.........Kyrsten looks kind of hot in that picture.


But then, I'm just an old hippie.


Actually, my partner is a poll worker.  There were about 100 provisionals - many from people who were not on the roster who had voted in that precinct for 20  years and had not moved.  A friend write that someone in her family had had their party changed without requesting it and someone else had just been left off.   Personally, I think we should look to Nathan Sproul type mischief like in Florida.


I assume a lot of these provisional voters were new registrations and were not on the voting list. Where I worked we had approximately 20-25% provisional ballots, which is in line with the figures given above.  A huge number of them had ID and voter reg cards but were not on the voting list and had to vote provisional.  


 @JoeArpaioFan Christ ur dumb. Too dumb for burger king. There are 122,000 provisionals, dickbreath. If they all went for Penzone, he'd overtake Arpaio's lead. 


Not gonna happen, but ur not goin to Yale anytime soon either


 @revgerry1 I know the same of a white Republican, who voted in the same place for years. Thing is, your polling place can change. Redistricting was a big deal. And now we know there wee over 400 less polling places this year. Duh. 


 @Johnnyonthespot  We live in a small town which has more Republicans than Democrats..  Of course I don't know what happened, but just thinking, Sproul is an AZ native.  The thing that spurred that line of thinking was the unrequested changed registrations.

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