Arizona Vote Count Updates: 163,482 Ballots Left Statewide, 120,000 in Maricopa County

The latest from the SOS...

Maricopa County will need more time to count ballots, and Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett says they can have it.

This, according to spokespersons for both Bennett and the Maricopa County Elections Office.

"[County Recorder] Helen Purcell has indicated they'll need more time," SOS spokesman Matt Roberts told me today. "We encourage them to take all the time they need to verify their ballots."

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County Elections spokeswoman Yvonne Reed confirmed this.

"We will process and tabulate until the last has been counted," Reed stated.

Most of what the county has left are provisionals. According to the latest update, around 120,000 ballots remain, 103,000 provisionals and 17,000 earlies.

Today, 9,867 early ballots and 11,162 provisional ballots were tabulated by the county, according to Reed.

Statewide, Bennett's office estimated that "163,482 early and provisional ballots" are left to process.

Wednesday was the last day for people to present proper ID at county offices so that their "conditional provisional" ballot could be counted. That's a ballot cast by someone lacking the necessary identification under state law.

"We had 1,035 conditional provisional ballots and 55 voters came in with proper identification," Reed explained.

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I wonder if the fact that so many early and provisional ballots remain to be counted will have any effect on the race for MCSO shurf. I'm pissed that Stuaffer decided to remain, especially after he ran a non-existent campaign for the position. Hopefully the Old Fool loses and we can put Penzone in.


Make sure Ken bennett along with the rest of the tea party go next.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

I am amazed that Bennett is allowing an extension to the vote count deadline.


Could it be he actually learned something from this election? Such as how if he doesn't pull his head out of his ass he will shortly no longer have a job?


I doubt it but one can always hope.


looks like new times has the best count info on the web,better than elections dept.  How are the non-conditional provisionals being checked?

Flyer9753 topcommenter



Wow.. very surprised....


Bennett has something figured out or knows something, he is being way to reasonable all of a sudden

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