Tom Horne's Fender-Bender: Photos for the Curious

A photo of the Range Rover Horne bumped into

As I mentioned in a blog item Monday, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's initial court date for the March fender-bender that took place at his presumed mistress Camen Chenal's abode is this Friday morning.

The Phoenix Police Department just released its report on the incident, along with these pics of the damage to the two cars involved. So I'm posting them for the curious.

Horne looks guilty as heck, and even admitted to the hit-and-run to one of his employees, public information officer Amy Rezzonico, according to the investigative file.

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Rezzonico told investigators that the AG didn't believe he had damaged the other vehicle.

The damage done to Heap's VW Passat

That may be true. Kevin Montano, the owner of the white Range Rover Horne hit, didn't even know there had been damage to his car until FBI agents showed up at his door, according to the report.

Read interviews associated with the case.

A preliminary estimate for repairs to Montano's vehicle in the amount of $1,070.95 is included with the documents released Tuesday.

There was also damage to the car of Linnea Heap, the AG employee who lent Carmen Chenal her Volkswagen Passat on that fateful day. Chenal tells the Phoenix cops that the damage to Heap's car was "no more than $150," though it looks more extensive than the Range Rover's damage in the photos.

Read the Phoenix Police Department report on the hit and run.

Range Rover's are notoriously expensive to repair.

Montano told the cops that the black mark in the picture was something caused by his son while driving.

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Question 1 – Why is the Arizona Attorney General under surveillance by the FBI? Question 2- Why does the crook keep getting reelected; he has been corrupt since the 60’s, do some research. He did nothing to benefit our school system. Solution – Time to impeach Tom Horne from his position of power! Even Better – Tom Horne, step down from your position, tuck tail, stay out of politics and move on!


He was hunting for a wabbit.


I hope Horne has to pay to fix both the Range Rover and the Volkswagen out of his own pocket. 


Yes Tom, you'll be paying for parts to be imported from England (Range Rovers are British) and Germany (Volkswagen is a German car) to fix the cars you wrecked.


BTW Mr. Lemons, I heard that Horne had a Toyota of some kind. I have heard he owns a Prius or a Corolla. Not sure if it's true.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Mr. Lemons, I wish you would give Ed Abelesar the same deference to you to any opponent of Tom Horne's as you did to Jerry Lewis in a recent column.  It is clear that while "we dodged a bullet" by Mr. Lewis being elected over Mr. Pearce, it is also clear that Mr. Lewis has been voting 99% of the time with the Tea-Party controlled Republicant party in Arizona!  Mr. Lewis is NOT A MODERATE - as his voting record bears out.  Mr. Lewis is a conservative Republicant very much in the mold of the entire Republicant Party leadership in this state - TeaPartiers all the way - Remember, they elected Russell Pearce as Vice President of the state Republicant Party here.  I'm betting Mr. Lewis actually voted FOR Russell Pearce in that position.  BTW - Camen Chenal is a dominatrix - plays up the Cuban dictator role really good.



The fact that the FBI was invesitgating a November crime by following the suspect in March suggests that the FBI may be investigating more than just campaign violations because what would they learn about the alleged coordination between the campaign and the independent expenditure organization by surveiling Horne 4 months later.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

how bad do the feds WANT you to know they are on you, when they personally deal with a fender bender that probably will cost less to fix out of pocket than it would to pay your deductable? If it was JUST an investigation, and they didnt want to show their hand, they would have just handed it to the police as an anonymous tip. them showing their involvement, is definitely a warning to the crook. this should get interesting........unless they hand it to the DOJ (we've seen what a group of pansies they are with the whole Arpaio deal)


 @danzigsdaddy Makes one wonder what the feds were up to, especially given that they claim to have no interest in going after our banned for life by the SEC AG.

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