Tom Horne's Snakepit, Bill Montgomery's Dirty Money, and the Problem with Carmen Chenal

Arpaio helped Monty with more than a half-million bucks in 2010, but, um, that was different...

The media's been hot for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's head over allegations that during the 2010 campaign he was improperly involved in supporter-turned-staffer Kathleen Winn's independent expenditure committee Business Leaders for Arizona.

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This, after Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery thought the AG's actions so egregious that he called a big press conference Monday to tell us all about them, and even got the FBI's Phoenix division Special Agent in Charge James Turgal to be present and back him up.

"Why isn't Horne being prosecuted criminally?" newshounds cried at the presser. "Why isn't Monty calling for Horne's resignation?"

Why? I'll tell you why. Because all politicians do the same damn stuff, they just try a little harder not to get caught.

So Monty is not going to start looking for ways to prosecute people criminally for civil violations that most pols engage in.

One reason Monty is not seeking Horne's head on a platter: Arpaio's ad attacking Romley on Monty's behalf in 2010

Who do you think he is, Rick Romley in the AzScam days? Yes, there was once a time, back in the early 1990s, when the Maricopa County Attorney set up stings to catch crooked pols. But those days are gone.

Read recently-released MCAO documents on the investigation into Horne.

Because, if you'll wind your brains back to 2010, you'll recall that Romley, then acting Maricopa County Attorney, was clobbered by Monty in the primary of a special election held to replace ex-County Attorney Andrew Thomas (now a disbarred, wannabe-Wal-Mart greeter), who was off to joust with Horne and lose in a tightly-contested GOP primary.

How did Monty best Romley? With the help of more than a half million dollars in TV ads and mailers paid for by Monty's benefactor, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Interestingly enough, it was none other than Lincoln Strategy Group, the same firm Winn used to do her ad defending Horne, which was hired to do those mailers attacking Romley on behalf of Joe.

Well, ostensibly on behalf of Joe. Actually both they and the TV ads were on behalf of Monty, because Arpaio wanted his guy heading the MCAO, not his longtime enemy Romley, who is constitutionally incapable of rolling over for our scalawag of a sheriff.

An administrative law judge agreed that the mailers were an in-kind contribution to Montgomery. Though, for reasons only the judge seemed to understand, the more expensive TV ads were not.

As a result, Arpaio's campaign war chest, administered by Chad Willems of Summit Consulting, was dinged to the tune of $154,000.

Only Arpaio appealed, and got the amount knocked down to $77,000 before paying it.

At Monday's press conference, I asked Monty what the difference was between the solid Arpaio did him and the solid Kathleen Winn did Horne?

It's all about that alleged coordinatin', according to Monty.

"The nature of the action was very similar," he admitted. "But, unlike this particular action, there was no coordination in that other election, certainly not with respect to monies raised for that expenditure, certainly not with respect to how that expenditure was put together."

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Look into the connection between the Fethullah Gulen Cult and Tom Horne. Tom Horne went after public school teachers for accents. But left the Turkish Cult owned chain of Sonoran Science Academy schools alone. Turns out many of the foreigners who run these schools gave Tom $$ for his campaign. Why is the news not covering this?


Arizona gets exactly what they vote for - period - and until the voters get enough of the charlatans that continually run and are elected to office who feel they are above the law,  the citizens will continue to pay. Use your vote wisely - it may take a few election cycles to clean house from the Governors office, the Legislature and County offices, but it can be done. I know there are citizens who wish to serve wisely somewhere out there - all we need to do is elect them and not buy into the dirt that is smeared during election contests



Arizona, known for electing only the best slimeballs possible.


Lenins is wrong. I like Horn-e. My new bumper sticker reads "Keep the Horn Dog"


No one is interested in filing a State Bar complaint concerning Horne's ethics?


Mr. Lemons,


Disbarred, disgraced former County Attorney Andy Thomas is not qualified to work at Wal-Mart.

Not even as a greeter.


What surprises me the most is that no one is calling for MontyPug's head on a silver platter because he benefited directly from the MCSO shurf and the $500K he dropped to insure MontyPug won the election for Maricopa County Attorney.


I voted for Rotellini because I thought she was the better candidate. If I was forced to vote Republican for Attorney General though, I would've voted for Horne. Candy Andy Thomas proved to be too mentally unstable to handle the job.


BTW, I read on that Horne, as AG, makes $90,000/year and MontyPug, as Maricopa County Attorney, makes $123,500/year. Any reason why the AG makes LESS than a County Attorney or a judge?


Somebody .............Please flush the TOILET!


Sad thing is, Felicia Rotellini would have made an excellent Attorney General, but the ill-informed Arizona electorate would vote for Lucifer so long as his name had an (R) next to it. 


Horne is the perfect Attorney General for this corrupt state:  where else could someone with a lifetime ban from the SEC, campaign finance violator, hit and run (on the car AND Carmen Chenal) nepotistic adulterer be elected to the state's top law enforcement position?  The fact that his main competition for the post came from someone who lost their license to practice law amid allegations of criminal activity and abuse of power a few months later underscores what a shitpile Arizona Republican politics are these days. 

dennis20 topcommenter

 @chadsnow   Lucifer is a republican Chad.  I thought you knew that. 



 I agree.  I feel bad for Rotellini.  She was so much the better candidate for the job.


 @chadsnow Chad, you need to copyright your summary of Horne.  Mark my words, those exact words will be the bio he runs with for his 2014 Gubernatorial primary campaign.

You hit all the key  points that elevate one to the top of the AZGOP.

They'll eat that stuff up.


 @chadsnow And more than once he was caught sleeping in the Paradise Valley School District meetings.


 @chadsnow Mr. Snow, it could have been worse. Far worse, actually.


Candy Andy Thomas could've been elected AG. And he nearly was.


Having someone as mentally unstable as Candy Andy as state AG would certainly have proved disastrous. Horne's not much better though.

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