Joe Arpaio Up in Two GOP Polls, and Why His Actions Belie Both

Paul Penzone's secret weapon, one not captured by Republican pollsters: Adios Arpaio

Before you review the results of two new GOP polls that have Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the lead against his Democratic challenger Paul Penzone, ask yourself this question: Is Arpaio acting like a front-runner way ahead of his rival?

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Moreover, would a front runner with a commanding lead, as is suggested by both a poll done by Arpaio's professional bag-carrier Chad Willems, and by another Republican firm, Public Opinion Strategies, be throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into a desperate, deceptive ad attacking the other guy in the race?

Would a candidate with a 14 to 15 point lead need to invest in a series of campaign ads re-introducing himself as a warm and fuzzy sheriff with a heart?

As reported by Mike Sunnucks over at the Phoenix Business Journal and by Laurie Roberts over at the Arizona Republic, Willems says he has a poll showing a 15 point lead for Arpaio, 45 to 30 percent, as of October 11.

Public Opinion Strategies apparently has a poll claiming a 14 point lead for Maricopa County's snarling, bulbous-nosed autocrat, 47 to 33 percent over Penzone, as of the waning days of September

These numbers seems to contradict the Penzone poll issued last week, showing Penzone just 4.7 percent behind Arpaio.

Likely, the tusker polls are coming out now because Arpaio needs to project an image of strength as the sheriff's contest races toward the end of the first full week of early voting.

Yet Arpaio is acting as if the Penzone poll is the most accurate. On one hand, this is just smart politics on Joe's part. But it also highlights the essential weakness of Arpaio's campaign, one wounded by the multiple scandals that have enveloped his fifth corrupt term in office.

Both Sunnucks and Roberts make good points in their analyses.

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@AdiosArpaio @usabeerparty @joesgottogo1 Hope AZ can put Joe A in his place--wearing an orange/pink uniform with a number on it.


A vote for Arpaio is a vote for "Child Rape".


Arpaio should be facing charges for knowingly allowing Children to be raped even years after the Rape being reported to "Arpaio's M.C.S.O."


Arpaio is No Better than the Child Molester's he IGNORED!


Instead Joes lining up his "Fall Guys" again.


To: Justice in Arizona?


If the people of Maricopa county let him get re-elected, they get what they get. And apparently, they love paying millions in taxpayer dollars for the numerous lawsuits that are going to be filed. No wonder Arizona is broke as a joke, they got jokes running the state.


Joe is killing in the polls! I think that the new times muckraking is actually helping our great sheriff! What decent person is going to align themselves with the local whore/drug/bar directory? Wait here's an idea, get all the new times advertisers together for a big rally! Pass out fake drugs for the children, real drugs and alcohol for the adults and whores for everybody! It may not sway the decent people to vote your way, but at least the readership would get something out of this election.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Arpaio is shitting in his depends right now


His actions of the past few weeks prove this.


Per Republican operative Stan Barnes, ""I'm over him. I'm over the games he's been playing."  What's the implication of that statement - that for many, many, years people like Barnes were well aware but totally accepting of and a full participant in the "games" that Arpaio was playing.  That for many years the Arizona Republican machine fully endorsed the "games" that Arpaio was playing.  That speaks volumes about the state of politics in this state.


This wouldn't be the first time the Flaccid Fraud of MCSO fabricated numbers to show himself ahead in the polls.


I wonder why these numbers are just coming out now? Could it be that the Old Goat needed a "boost" because true and accurate polls show what most sane Arizona voters know: That the Old Fool is just a washed-up has-been failure of a politician?



robert_graham topcommenter

Joe's popularity keeps rising; Penzone's keeps dropping.  Can you guess the winner?  You ain't gonna like it.


 @Flyer9753 Now Penzone needs to light a fire underneath the Old Fool and deliver the KO punch.


Those Depends must smell pretty badly though.



 Your point is very valid. In my opinion one of the best examples of this is Andy Kunasek, who sat as chairman of the Board of Supervisors during a meeting and snarkily called out the names of the public "speakers" as they were being arrested my MCSO, as if he had no clue. Kunasek was an avid supporter of MCSO until MCSO TURNED ON HIM and notified him that he was being 'investigated' (read legally harassed) for the 'crime' of having offices swept for listening devices (bugs). NOW Kunasek is "pissed" because DOJ failed to indict or press criminal charges against the old bag of flatulence. Kunasek seems very much the type to pet the rattler until the rattler strikes at him and then wants the rattler killed. As long as the rattler was injuring others it didn't matter. Yet, Kunasek still sits on the board and doesn't seem willing to show any intestinal fortitude toward the MCSO shurf. I would imagine the MCSO helicopter makes routine patrols over Kunasek's house.


If we get rid of both the shurf and Kunasek it will be a step in the right direction.


Paul Penzone for Sheriff.

Lilia Alvarez for Supervisor.

david_saint01 topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan lol we know you work at MCSO and if a new sheriff got elected you would lose your job..especially if they made DO's go through psych, rant all you want but your crazy, bias opinion, means crap. 

teknik topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan some day you'll learn to make your own political views as opposed to just doing what your daddy did.


Joe's popularity keeps dropping. He's been fading into irrelevance for the past  years fool.


Now, run along and let the grown-ups have a conversation.


 @Tommy_Collins  @LegitQuestions A vote for lilia alvarez is a vote for randy parraz.  We all know how well he does when running for political office.  Now he's hiding under skirts of his bi wife who refuses to take his last name to gain influence within county government.  He's the last thing we need in Maricopa County.

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