Top Ten Arizona Political Ads of 2012 (So Far)

Weird thing is, this online attack ad targeting Sinema makes me wanna vote for her

I don't think anyone will bemoan the end of the 2012 election cycle, except perhaps the TV execs and political consultants who're making a killing off the political ads bombarding us through the boob tube.

Still, quite a few are memorable, and there is nothing more American than reducing your opponent's career to a withering 30 second-long insult, which your rival then must spend mega-bucks deflecting with an attack ad of his or her own.

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It's like Prime Minister's Question Time done as a streetcorner game of the dozens.

Which is why every windy debate usually gets boiled down to one word or phrase. Like U.S. Senate candidate Rich Carmona's "prettier" comment in his recent match-up with Congressman Jeff Flake, or Mitt Romney's "binders of women" utterance during his last debate with President Obama.

I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it is what it is: Short attention-span political theater. And I'll admit, some of it is entertaining.

So here are my picks for the top Arizona political ads of 2012. All of these have run on local Television, save for the hippie-dippie one. Thank Beelzebub that we we'll have about a year and a half of respite before they begin all over again.

10) Pounding Christina Beato: This woman has the deranged stare of a Class-A bunny boiler. So Rich Carmona was pounding on your door? Um, so what? But come to find out, Beato's already-lame story is all bunk.

Why do I include it? Because Beato literally creeps me out, and just in time for Halloween. Wouldn't go near this lady unless I had two witnesses and a video camera to monitor my every move so she couldn't sue me later for something I didn't do. Beato looks like a real wackjob, of the DeeDee Blase variety.

American woman, stay away from me...

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There's a really good new Halloweeny ad against Carmona - his shadow banging for entry on door - it's well done but still not budging me. Everytime I hear Flake, Kyl, McCain diss Obamacare they are telling me that they prefer people to suffer and die - has anybody checked how much stock they own in pharmaceuticals and health insurers?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

I am still waiting to hear when Joe got kidnapped. I brought it up when it came out, Lemons is the only one in the media to actually ask the same question, and ask it in the media. I guess now we are all supposed to pretend we dont catch all his lies, like the one where Ava says "If Joe makes a promise...You can count on it".   um? really??  okay Ava, how about the one he made in 2004 and put it in writing, about meeting set guidelines and procedures for investigating sex crimes??  you know, the promise he still hasnt kept after 8 years. all we can count on when Joe makes a that he wont honor it.

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