Helen Purcell Corrects KPHO's Error, while Joe Arpaio-Pimp Chad Willems Issues Voter-Suppression Robocall

Kudos to Purcell for correcting the record
Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell issued a clarifying statement Tuesday regarding an erroneous report on early ballots by CBS 5/KPHO's Donna Rossi last week.

That report misquoted Purcell as saying that having an early ballot in one's possession is a Class 5 felony.

After I wrote a blog item pointing out that both the Arizona Secretary of State and Arizona elections law expert Tom Ryan confirmed that this was in error, Channel 5 altered the text of its report online.

But the station did not label it as a correction, did not correct the video of the original report, and did not run an on-air correction.

Read Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell's press advisory.

Groups such as Promise Arizona in Action and Citizens for a Better Arizona, both of which are picking up early ballots with voter-approval and delivering or mailing them to the county, asked Purcell to alert the media to the misinformation.

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To the credit of her and her office, Purcell has now done that, in a press release that reads, in part:

"I never said that it is illegal, much less a Class 5 felony, to collect, possess and deliver ballots of voters. Indeed, this office has worked cooperatively with a host of organizations, of all parties and persuasions, to assist voters get their ballots to the polls. We applaud the work of Promise Arizona and other groups in their efforts to register new qualified voters and have their ballots counted."

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Kudos indeed to Purcell. However Maricopa County reminds me of Mississippi/ Alabama/ Georgia in the 1950's.


And, what about this:


County Recorders in Arizona are holding around 10,000 registrations in "suspense" having been instructed to do so by the Secretary of State, KEN BENNETT. These TEN THOUSAND Totally Qualified Citizens registered using the Federal form, as advised by the Maricopa County Recorder (among others) in accordance with a US Supreme Court ruling.


This includes thousands of students at the UofA, ASU, NAU, many other schools and many individuals in Arizona.  These qualified voters have:


> NOT received mail-in ballots 

> NOT received information about polling places, sample ballots, election guides, date of election (not even a wrong date), etc.

> And NOT been notified that there is any problem with their registrations or requests for mail-in ballots


All of this is VOTER SUPPRESSION, it's a very big deal, and it’s all but SECRET.

dennis20 topcommenter

It's about time!  This would not have happened if we didn't put pressure on her. 


What?   No Purcell Republican Conspiracy to keep the Mexicans from voting?  Will we see the activist types like parraz, gilman and unferth clear the air with those they influence or has the damage already been done and is now irrepairable?  Will they take the steps Purcell is taking to fix the wrongs they've created with their slants and ignorance?


I doubt it.

david_saint01 topcommenter

maybe i should do one to counter his bs robocall...hmm thoughts anyone? 



 Bob,does CBA have any plans to contact Bennett about these approx. 10,000 registrations Bennett is holding in suspense ? Does CBA have plans to take this to the National media since local media is pretty much ignoring this blatant violation of the Voting Rights Act by Bennett and his TeaBagger friends ? Are there plans to contact the Justice Department?.................I hope one or more of these disenfranchised students files suit against Bennett and his partners in crime. Bennett's actions should pretty much nix any chance he has at the Governors office.......I hope this blatant voter supression action by Bennett,wakes up the Democratic Party and they start fielding candidates for ALL elected offices.The price for not doing so is too high,for ALL voters.


 @yourproductsucks yps, I am really flattered.  Including me with Randy and Dennis is really quite an honor.  I wasn't really aware that I had much influence over anyone but my grandkids, and that diminishing by the day.  But, just in case there are such people, what air am I supposed to clear?  


Were there not an unknown number, but certainly in the thousands, of documents distributed with the wrong election date?  Was not Purcell quoted as saying the possessing someone else's ballot was a Class 5 Felony?  Did it not take a really long time to acknowledge and attempt correction of these errors?  With a national election looming?  


Slant?  What did I slant?  Ignorance?  Please tell where I've displayed ignorance, and, please give me the knowledge to correct that ignorance.


Oh, and by the way, Who are you?  And where in the Sheriff's Office do you work?


 @yourproductsucks They are the ones that got Helen to take the steps to correct the wrong.


They are the ones who brought to light the errors on the material Helen's office published.


They are the ones who noticed the incorrect information being put out on television and attributed to Helen.


Without their actions it is likely Helen would have done nothing at all.


 @Bnbk  @bobunf This information is basically true except I am not sure the number being held in suspense is accurate. I understand in Maricopa County the number may be down to just under 2000 being held, still a ridiculous and unacceptable number. Also, I'm not sure of the involvement of the Secty. St. although I don't trust him. Everything I've heard involves processing by the County Recorder. The Secty. of St. produced an updated Elections Procedures Manual to address registrations using the federal form but there should be no holdups if the County was processing registrations according to that manual. I agree it should be a story and this must be addressed immediately or hundreds or thousands of new valid voters are going to be kept off the rolls or denied early ballots. No question that would be consistent with various other GOP suppression efforts but I haven't seen the evidence yet to conclude that it is intentional misconduct as opposed to gross incompetence.


 @Bnbk It will cost about $50,000 to file a writ of mandamus.  Everybody has better things to do with $50,000 like handling candidate and voter challenges.  It does baffle me that the news media has not picked up on this.  


Here is one reason why my pay grade is so low - zero, but doubled every week:  I told people at CBA that they should use the Federal form; it's easier and gets past the problems of:


> people who've recently moved here and haven't got a new driver's license

> people who don't have their license or state ID with them

>  students who live here 9 months of the year, want to vote here, but haven't changed their driver's license


They told me that was a really bad idea, because one could not imagine what shenanigans elections officials might come up with.  I thought that was naive and a little paranoid.  


Boy, were they right, and they're probably not going to pay any more attention to me this time, except to say, "I told you so."   


There are so many reasons for the Democrats to recruit a least one candidate for every Arizona House seat, and for good people to volunteer to run:


Darin Mitchell, who doesn't live in his District, who perjured himself on election forms and in court  - District 13 is 31% Latino.  There are four other House Districts in which no Democrat is running for either seat.


Nancy Barto (let your boss decide if he wants you to have birth control) is opposed only a Libertarian, who could have helped a Democrat by splitting the vote for Arizona Senate in District 15.  There are five other Senate seats in which no Democrat is running.



 Why in the hell,hasn't PNT picked up the Bennett voter suppression story ?


 @marcyThere is no justification for the fabrication and sensationalism used to propogate a response.



 @bobunf  @Bnbk I have no information on other counties. If they are submitting social security numbers to Secretary of State for verification through the state's access to the Social Security Admin database, like it appears that Maricopa County is doing, the other counties may be holding up registrations at the same pace. It is not clear who is responsible for these rejected applications, county or SOS. 


 @greg.jones  @Bnbk Greg, thanks for the information.  2,000 is certainly better than 10,000, but what about the other 14 counties in Arizona?

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