Russell Pearce's Bro Lester Pearce Faces Ethics Charges

Note the date, friends...

I've rarely read a legal document so delightful.

The one I've just received from the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct indicates that Lester Pearce, former Justice of the Peace and brother of recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, now faces various charges of ethical violations, in part, because he stumped for his brother at a meeting of the former Legislative District 19 GOP.

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And who was the first to bust Lester for campaigning for his bro?

Three guesses, and his last name will make you pucker.

From the statement of charges. See point 11?

Allow me to direct your attention to page three of the statement of charges, where it reads, "Media coverage on October 14, 2011, called Respondent's conduct into question, noting possible ethical violations."

Read the statement of charges.

As you can see from my blog dated the same day, I was the first to report that Judge Pearce had stepped over an ethical line at the September 15, LD 19 meeting in question.

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I love it when Karma bites back!  Last year after the debate between Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis, I was standing outside the building at EVIT.  Lester had the audacity to come up to me and a few of my friends trying to "act" like he was such a sweet, honorable fellow.  He was bragging about how as a judge he had to sentence people for their wrong actions.  I couldn't stand it and said, "That's pretty hypocritical considering you broke the law by going with your niece to gather signatures for Olivia Cortes."  He hemmed and hawed and said, "I had no idea where my niece was going.  She was just giving me a ride home."  My friends had to pull me away because I became livid at his lie.  What's interesting, is he did indeed admit he was with his niece while she was collecting Olivia Cortes signatures.  I'd be more than happy to testify to that along with the 3 or 4 friends who were with me that night.  I never thought justice would be served in this case and it makes me extremely happy to see if finally happen.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

So glad to see Lester the Jester finally face justice, though seeing him perp-walked alongside his POS brother Russ would be a much better sight.


So Lester, now that you're just as washed up as your brother, maybe you can join him at the state Republican Party, especially since you can't show your face around the Mesa Justice Court system...


Glad to see that Lester the court Jester will have to answer for his crimes,at least to the Commission on Judicial Conduct,although criminal charges would be more appropiate.The Commission SHOULD barr him from ever running again. Arizona should never again have to be subjected to this Justice of the Pearce.................Great work Mr. Lemons.Mr. Gilman and Mr. Ryan.


The Olivia Cortez Campaign was deliberate Felony Rigging/Manipulating, and a Total Disregard for America's Election System or Rule of Law!


Russell Pearce, his Brother, the Tea Party people, the Republican Party People, Pearces Two Neices, Mrs. Cortez, and ALL INVOLVED should be facing Felony Charges for their Dirty Deeds A.K.A. CRIMES!


I am curious what involvement Sheriff Arpaio had in this Rigging/Manipulating with his former Deputy/Tea Party Pal Russell Pearce?


To: Justice? Even in Corrupt Arizona.


The Pearce Bro's, and all involved in this class five FELONY should be running for "Inmate of the Month."


This is not just "Ethics"!


These are the sleazes who wrap themselves in the flag and hold high the bible and book of mormon. There is a theory regarding sociopathic behavior that says it is genetically influenced. We may be seeing a casebook example in the Pearce family.  Does anyone know about the parents of these prize packages?


yeah!!!!  Send this sleazy asswipe to prison!


They can't win legit, they gotta cheat...


"Lemons trees very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet,

but the fruit of the poor Lemon,

is impossible to eat".


Lest they cause one to pucker.


(the lyrics may not be exact, but the message is the same)


Lester should demand that Russ give him his nuts back, and then let Lester gets hung by them!


Has Russ been seen in public since his lost his ass in the primary, or is he still hiding in the bunker at "Redneck Rodeo Ranch and Spa"?

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