Russell Pearce's Fave Hispanic Group: Arizona Latino Republican Association (w/Update, Borrajero Comes Clean as CapTimes Follows)

Wonder if Olivia Cortes is a member?

See also: An AZ Latino Republican Association Leader Aided Sham Candidate Olivia Cortes

Since my column this week has been published a little early, and since I've been meaning to use the blog to pimp the column, as well as vice versa, here's a little intro to my exploration of the wacky world of ALRA, the Arizona Latino Republican Association.

The column details some interesting facts about ALRA veep Constantinos Eliades (aka, "Dino" Eliades), a name I had often wondered about, after it appeared on the back of three petition sheets for sham recall candidate Olivia Cortes.

See, I have Cortes' entire petition to place her name on the 2011 recall ballot in my extensive files on recalled, disgraced state Senator Russell Pearce. Proving that, for a polemicist at least, it never pays to throw anything away.

The identity of the mysterious voice behind pro-Pearce robocalls that went out days before the recall election's close is also revealed, or so it seems.

Judge for yourself from the audio clips, which you can access on page two of the column.

One is from the recorded phone message from 2011. The other is of ALRA communications secretary Jose Borrajero.

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Mr. Lemons, the link to this story from the NT home page seems to be broken. You may want to check it out.

ptcgaz topcommenter

so how many members does this fake GOP group have? 5? Are any of them actually Latinos?


@stephenlemons TY 4 staying w/story of #VoterSuppression in #Mesa #AZ #LD25 (#LD18) from its beginning.#Borrajero & #ALRA = #AZGOP Sleaze!

elcapitan332 1 Like

MormonKahDaffy Pearce...Hero of Hate Award!......Vote Bob Worsley a good Mormon!


@stephenlemons Pretty clear my story had been in the works for several days. But kudos for getting the first post!

mmmirele 2 Like

I have the "misfortune" to be a resident of District 26 and a registered Democrat, so I can't help but see all the signs around for the Pearce brothers. What gets me about Russell's signs is how each one has at least one golden banner at the top (sometimes two), highlighting various "awards." Like "Hero of the Taxpayer Award". WTF is that? Who gives that out? Wait, don't answer that, I already know (see Arizona Teacher's Association). But I will tell you what I think of a fake "Hero of the Taxpayer" award--it reminds me of those old awards given out by communist regimes, you know, like "Hero of the Communal Farm" or "Heroic Soviet Mother." And it's probably about as valid.


And in weird I said, I'm a registered Democrat, so why would I get a live phone call (which went to voicemail) from the Matt Salmon for Congress campaign? So weird this is.

Susurro_Perforado 1 Like

 @mmmirele  I think you ought to re-register as Republican or Independent, and start voting in Republican primaries, so if you live in Mesa where a Democrat NEVER, ever, ever, has a chance of being elected, you can at least vote against Russell Pearce and his minions like Matt Salmon.

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