Russell Pearce's "Arizona Teacher's [sic] Association" Scrambles to Show It's No Sham

The ATA finally corrects the spelling of its name . . .

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Shama-lama-ding-dong. Like those Sea Monkeys sold in the back of old comic books, the so-called "Arizona Teacher's Association" is springing to life before our very eyes.

As with water added to desiccated sea brine, the scrutiny of the press has animated, in record time, this rookie organization, which has lent its "support" to recalled, disgraced pathological liar, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce.

For instance, the ATA has a new website,, its domain registration cloaked, unlike the now defunct, so that only the host company is revealed.

But at least this new site, which was created July 27, spells the name of the organization correctly, unlike the past site and the signs used by the Pearce campaign touting the support of the "Arizona Teacher's [sic] Association."

I learned of the new website from group "spokesman" Tim Horn, a former AM radio host and author of the self-published tome Ruling the Elite. He called me Monday to answer questions on the ATA's behalf.

The only problem: Mr. Horn had only just become a member two days ago, so his knowledge of the ATA was a little sketchy. Though he was sure, kinda-sorta, of his own lack of teaching experience.

"I've never really been a certified teacher," Horn explained. "I think we're all kind of teachers. But I've always had a strong interest in education."

Seems the ATA PAC is open to everyone. You need not be a teacher, just a believer in conservative principles regarding education. But does the ATA actually have any teachers currently associated with it?

Horn says yes. Very well, can he name any of them?

"Absolutely I can," Horn told me. "But I'm not going to . . . Some of the teachers we've got out there are working teachers. There's too much intimidation by the left and the unions to do that. They could get hurt by exposing who they are."

Despite his best efforts, other simple facts concerning the organization he's shilling for eluded him, such as the exact number of members (though he believes it's under 100), the number of teachers among those members (he estimates about one-third), and so on.

What about John Hedgpeth, the man listed as the "chairman" of the ATA? Is he a teacher?

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Since February of 2011 I’ve been talking with people about recalling Russell Pearce, voting against Pearce in the recall election and now, why they should vote against Pearce and for Bob Worsley. The most common argument for Pearce is that “he’s the only one who’s done anything about the illegals.”  


We all know that is mostly just a smokescreen, a load of hooey covering up the real sentiment, the real issue: too many Mexicans getting too comfortable in our country – legal or not.  


Yesterday I heard it expressed to my face as bluntly as I could ever imagine, from Dorothy, a middle aged White resident of Mesa, who stood in her door and told me that she was for Pearce because “We need somebody to stand up for us White people.”  


I stood with my mouth open, unable to find words in the presence of such raw and unreasoning racism.  And hate.  It is hate, or at least the effects and results of hate:


> lying and cheating as with Olivia Cortes, sham organizations and fake endorsements, sheer nonsense about costs, vicious name calling and on and on> pursuing dish washers rather than child molesters

> hundreds of dead bodies in the desert lost to exposure and a vicious lack of caring> confusing and humiliating people, beating, raping and killing

> breaking up families

> shameful racial and ethnic profiling

> and the attitude: “better I should live in a police state than have a Mexican live next door.”  


That is really what Pearce is about; the pathological fear of the stranger, fear of people like Moses, who was a stranger in a strange land.  


It is literally sick, was what I thought, but did not say, as Dorothy slammed the door in my face.


I am not a sham..............I am not a sham ............I am not a sham .............I am not ashamed either ......Maggot get out of town you lying piece of shit!


As President of the "Left-Handed Chewing Gum While Jumping Up and Down on Your Right Leg Engaged In Break-Dancing While Belching E-G-O-R For Five Minutes" League, I'm proud to offer both Lester and Russell Pearce my undying support as two of the most racist, dishonest and visually disgusting human beings on the face of the planet. I hope you'll attend our benefit barbeque to be held at Joe & Eva's place where our menu will include poorly-prepared calf-fries and crow followed by kool-aid and nuclear waste cocktails within spitting distance at the Kavanaugh's where guest speaker Jan Brewer will discuss "The United States Constitution:Does it Really Apply in Arizona." That is if she'll lay off the scotch that day. Y'all come now, y'hear?


I think we're all kind of teachers and since we are all kind of rocket scientists I think they should form the Arizona Rocket Scientist's Association and endorse Russell Pearce as well.


The notion that the group is "non-partisan" is nothing more than a laughable lie.  Lying being something the particular group of dimwitted screwballs do a lot of.


Well that certianly explains why the Arizona education system is so F-ed up.

>>"I've never really been a certified teacher," Horn explained. "I think we're all kind of teachers. But I've always had a strong interest in education."


the Pearce clan grows more pathetic with each passing day.




"Intimidation by the left?" Someone's on crack... 


I wonder if the clowns have the right to use copyrighted pictures on their website.


Illegal is illegal after all!


Scrambling ... smacks of what Pearce's buddy Greg Western did after his and Pearce's sham candidate scam Olivia Cortes was exposed.  Pop ... up went a website!  Pop ... they (including Pearce's brother and niece) ran out to gather signatures!


Too bad they never did explain those illegal campaign signs and/or who paid for them.  Too bad they never did explain who paid for the paid signature collectors.  Too bad they never did any fundraising to pay for those things.  Too bad none of that was reflected on her campaign finance reports.  Too bad they didn't teach Olivia enough English to survive a TV interview ... and the interviewer was extremely nice ...  Too bad they didn't teach Olivia how to lie even just a little bit credibly in court.


This sham scam will boomerang and again leave Pearce with his sh*t all over his face, and deservedly so.




Every Person in Arizona knows that Pearce, his Brother, Two Neices, a Tea Party Official, and Mrs. Cortez engaged in Felony Electoral Rigging/Manipulating in the Russell Pearce Official Re-call Election!


Why were there no Charges?


These Felons should be serving nine months to Two Years in Jail!


They should lose their right to Vote, and definitely to run for any Public Office!


Arizona's Attorney General, and Maricopa County Attorney have neglected their Duty!


Arizona is a Corrupt Political Circus!




To: Justice?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

We certainly know that the are no English teachers in the ATA.  If there are

any, they aren't aware that you cannot use ('s) to pluralize a noun.




As President of the Arizona Astronauts Association, we have already endorsed Pearce.  Your organization is nothing but a cham. 




Olivia Cortes


 Laws are for other people, not right wing knuckledraggers.


 @DNichols Great name for an Arizona elected officials group.


The Sham-a-lama-ding-dongs.


Actually, I do think that an endorsement by "Space Cowboy's" would make more sense, as Astronaut's has too many syllables for Pearce fans. 

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