Puente Kicks Off "Undocubus" with Pro-Immigrant March

Uriel Garcia
Pro-immigrants demonstrators headed to the Phoenix ICE building

About 200 hundred people peacefully protested Saturday morning against the immigration policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the federal government in a march starting at a Central Phoenix park and ending at a local immigration office.

Puente, the Phoenix-based human-rights group, organized the one-mile walk from Steele Indian School Park to the local offices of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Demonstrators carried signs reading, "We will not comply" and "Migration is a human right" while chanting slogans such as "No papers, no fear!"

As the protesters arrived at ICE's office, a mobile stage truck blasting Spanish-language music set up shop in the agency's parking lot, which is usually closed off except for those who have an appointment. The demonstrators voiced their opposition against Arpaio and immigration officials on their own turf. 

The demonstration was a kick-off event to a national bus tour that Puente has planned. Dubbed the "Undocubus," its 30 undocumented passengers plan to be at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 4. 

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"We will not comply!"


Is it just me or does that statement imply this group feels they are entitled to legal status simply because they are currently on American soil?  What is the message they are trying to convey?


I'd like to join the Puente UnDocubus!  When does it leave for Mexico City to protest the unjust immigration of laws of that country?  Ask Guatamelans how they feel about the "right to migrate."



"We will not comply!"  "What is the message they are trying to convey?"


The same message that rus-SELL pearce is trying to convey, you know the one where he is fired from his political office but he still tries to defy the voters and the LAW by gaming the system, trying to rig elections, recruiting SHAM candidates during his recall election, and to top it off to try to get his job back, and now even SHAM "Teacher's (sic) Associations" that claim they endorse him, sickening isn't it.


 @fairymagic13 "When does it leave for Mexico City to protest the unjust immigration of laws of that country? "


And your point is?  This is the United States of America, we have OUR OWN LAWS, and we do not give a shit about the Laws of any other country, so stop the comparison, we do not shoot people here for Illegal Entry like some other Middle Eastern or Asian Countries, and THAT is what sets this country appart from the rest;  Where in some countries Undocumented Entry is a Felony punishable by death, here is merely a Civil Misdeamenor punishable by a $250 FINE, so get over it, or if you feel the need to live in a country were people get shot for crossing borders undocumented, feel free to leave, I will be happy to buy your ticket. 


 @fairymagic13 I'll chip in for your  bus fare. In fact, I bet you wouldn't have the courage it takes to do what these people are doing.


Arizona has earned it's place among states classified as the "deep south"


 @shadeaux14 I guess you're not famliar with the extremely unjust way in which people, just like  you and me, are treated in Mexico when they simply want to cross the border from Guatemala to work in Mexico without proper documentation. 


These people are simply stirring up the reactionary base of the right wing with these ridiculous claims of "No Borders".  It just makes it all that harder for us working the frontlines to get comprehensive immigration reform happening. 


Unless the Undocubus was going to go to the participants home country so that they could apply for proper travel documents.  If they leave the country before they get caught they can do it.  Heck, I'd pay into a fund to help these kids get the proper documentation!  But to flout the law like that, is an ignorant concept. 


Oh, BTW - I worked in ACORN, in the middle of summer for 2 years in a row in the 1970s and on the Farmworkers Campaign.  In addition, I produced the Earth Day events in Phoenix for 20 years in a row.  Don't bait me with your "courage." 


These people probably won't even admit it's their Native American genetic makeup that's got the bigots panties in a bunch - CAUSE MOST HISPANICS / LATINOS ARE NATIVE PEOPLE HATERS TOO!


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