Ana Tijoux, Latina Rapper, Shows Support for Arizona's Undocumented Immigrants in Music Video

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Chilean-French MC Ana Tijoux today released a new music video titled "Shock", showing her support for Arizona's undocumented immigrants in collaboration with the local human-rights group Puente.

Tijoux got a taste of Arizona's anti-immigrant policies courtesy of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio when she visited Phoenix to perform a free concert on Mother's Day at the Puente-sponsored event "Noche de Mujeres."

In the video, the French-born artist sits in an Arizona desert as images hover in the background of a protest by DREAM Activists as they are being arrested in front of Trevor Browne High School by Phoenix police.

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Shep Proudfoot
Shep Proudfoot

seriously, youre gunna act offended because the working people of the united states said no more?  why is it racist for a country to defend itself and try to protect its educational, medical, and welfare systems?  you foolz have no idea what discrimination is. youre racist.


Thanks for sharing the article here. Very interesting and informative.

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