Joe Arpaio Crows About ICE Taking Two Suspected Illegal Aliens Following MCSO Traffic Stop (w/Update)

ABC 15's report on Joe's ICE announcement

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I'm skeptical of MCSO press releases and anything our prevaricating pseudo-Sheriff Joe Arpaio states as fact.

Still, the octogenarian Hispanic-hunter is boasting tonight about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's taking two suspected undocumented aliens into custody after a "traffic stop" by Arpaio's outlaw Human Smuggling Unit.

"I am very happy that ICE is continuing to cooperate with our efforts in detecting illegal immigration activity," gloated Maricopa County's criminal copper in a press release, "especially following last week's controversial ruling on [Senate Bill] 1070 by the Supreme Court."

The MCSO release reports that one of the aliens was a 16 year-old girl. ABC 15 reports that the other was a 29 year-old woman. Arpaio told reporters that ICE agreed to take custody of the pair, though the MCSO was not planning to charge them with a crime. (UPDATE: See ICE's response below. The ABC 15 report was slightly off.)

(Real tough guys, those HSU deputies. What are they going to do for a follow up, kill a puppy?)

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Good, they shouldn't be on the damn road anyway.


I too agree, however we must control our Borders , yet treat Human Beings as such. The Millions of Good, Hard Working Parents of our own legal Citizen Children are being Persecuted. I.C.E. has Deported Hundreds of Thousands of Good Human Beings, away from their Children, and Families, they have Deported/Dumped these Hundreds of Thousands into the Harsh Desert at the U.S. Mexico Border with nothing!, not even water, into a known Drug War to be Killed, or to Die of exposure! Over Forty-two Thousand Hispanic Human Beings now lay Dead at or near these I.C.E. Dumping Grounds! We must have Responsible Immigration Reform to take care of the entire Issue, and to protect Human Families from Animals Like Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is a Racist, he is not just after Criminals, he only does this for Media Attention. Not to do his Job. This entire Anti-Immigrant Rant is a Big Mess, and has caused America's "Great Recession", and Racism worse than in the 1960's. This is our I.C.E'd Economy. I.C.E. "Put the Car in the Ditch." Had I.C.E. just gone after "Criminal's" America would still be as Strong as ever!


Also include that yps is a bigot, sexist, homophobic, and liar with little to zero capability to empathize with those that are suffering. I bet yps will reply exhibiting, at least, one of his many negative traits.

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