Duke St. Rollins on Jan Brewer, Ted Nugent, Joe Arpaio, Sean Hannity, Teabagger Spelling Errors, and More

Duke St. Rollins as "Jesus H. God," smacking Arpaio upside the head...

See also: Joe Arpaio Owned by the Infamous Duke St. Rollins.

Part verbal terrorist, part international man of mystery, Duke St. Rollins trolls the Facebook sites of teatard politicos and talking heads, leaving behind flaming piles of fresh manure that the 'baggers are never entirely able to extinguish. 

Via screenshots, the Duke hoists evidence of his kills, like mounted, taxidermied trophies that remain long after the Duke's footprints have been eradicated from a wingnut's comment section.

Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity is a frequent target, as are Grand Canyon State familiars such as our birther-Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor "GED Jan" Brewer, the latter two targets earning the Duke plaudits aplenty from Sand Land fans.

Jan Brewer, owned like you own the rent...

But just who is Duke St. Rollins and what drives him to pursue the crackpots and walking Payday bars that populate the American body politic?

To some extent, the Duke reveals himself through the "Comedy Manifesto" he's posted to a couple of his Facebook pages. But of course, this Bastard wanted to know more, so I hit the Duke with a few e-mailed inquiries and received the following answers. 

Not all is revealed, but it is a start, and in reading them, one can't help but recall Rick's words to Captain Renault in Casablanca. "Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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Masked Magician
Masked Magician

You're not familiar with the MCSO shurf and the storm troopers he calls deputies are you? I encourage you to read arpaio.com as well as a few stories written by the journalists at Phoenix New Times. I can guarantee you there is no politics involved. It is the Old Fool intimidating his perceived enemies into silence by any means necessary. I should know. I've had several MCSO shurf cars parked outside my home and place of employment. I even had an encounter with an MCSO shurf deputy where he accused me of armed robbery and pointed his loaded handgun at me. So quit being sarcastic and grow the fuck up already. I hope I typed slowly enough for you to read what I wrote. I know it can be difficult, being a TeaBagger and all....  

Masked Magician
Masked Magician

Nicely stated Mr. St. Rollins. Now, if we could just run the MCSO shurf outta town...

Patty Pelfrey
Patty Pelfrey

Thanks for the interview.  Love the Dukester even though he is NSFW (or for my mom).  And it's heartening to learn he's also from the banking industry, though not surprising.  Getting up close and personal with the 1% lends clarity to one's thinking about the right wing.

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