Arizona Congressman David Schweikert Confesses Ignorance on Immigration

Schweikert's no expert on immigration, but he knows amnesty when he sees it
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Arizona Congressman David Schweikert admits he's no expert on immigration. Still, he insists that any immigration-reform proposal in Congress resulting in legal status for undocumented immigrants is "amnesty."

"I would love to sound like I'm really... an expert on [immigration] but I'm not," Schweikert told New Times Monday, before a debate in downtown Phoenix between Schweikert and his GOP primary rival in the Sixth Congressional District, fellow Congressman Ben Quayle.

Schweikert's confession came in response to a recent New Times blog post, which criticized an opinion piece by Schweikert published July 4, by the Washington Times.

In the op-ed, Schweikert erroneously claims that illegal immigrants in Arizona are no longer afraid of detection. The congressman argues that this lack of fear is due to a recent announcement by the Obama administration, revoking some of the federal government's so-called 287(g) agreements with Arizona law enforcement agencies.

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I am an American who votes in Maricopa County,  it being the last place I lived in the USA , having attended Thunderbird for an MBA.   I  now live in Belgium. And while being abroad, I do understand the tensions that undocumented migrants can elicit. But being an economic migrant is not a crime. Mostly these are people who want to work and give a better future to their children. America is a nation of immigrants. CAn we not find it in our hearts to support those willing to try rather than criminalizing them, mistreating them and sending them home to starve?

I am truly horrified at the actions of Sheriff Arpaio, I disapprove of his racism, his inhumanity towards fellow human beings,  and his brutality.  He sends the wrong message to the community about what the sheriffs office should stand for and is  is a discredit  to Law enforcement.   I hope his trial will result in him being jailed, never again to be a representative of the law. I only wish I could do more to support the caring people of Maricopa  to name a few like: 

Salvador Reza, Mary Rose Wilcox, Dennis Gilman, Kyrsten Synema ( who I intend to vote for in November), Dan Pochoda, Carlos Garcia, Andrew Sanchez, Rebecca Jimenez, Stephen Lemmons, Phil Gordon and many more.

Dr. Chris Henny

Lesser of Two Evils!
Lesser of Two Evils!

He is better than Ben Quayle - "Lesser of two evils" fellow Arizonans - so make your choice!!


wow is this numbnuts really that stupid?

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