ALEC "Brainwash": Arizona Legislator Peggy Judd Trained by Lobbyist Group

Listen to Judd's "brainwash" quote, 30 seconds in...

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Talk about a poor choice of words.

Republican state Representative Peggy Judd is currently in Salt Lake City, Utah, attending the annual conference of the now-notorious American Legislative Exchange Council, the powerful, conservative organization that pimps pro-corporate bills in state legislatures nationwide.

She spoke to a Fox affiliate there on Wednesday, and her interview begins 30 seconds in. Judd relates how she participated in an ALEC leadership training conference in Washington, DC, about one month after she was elected in 2010.

"I wouldn't say they brainwashed me," she told reporter Max Roth. "Because when I got there, I felt so at home. I guess I could say my dad brainwashed me, to be a very strong conservative person."

Well, that's reassuring. Later in the broadcast, Roth relates how Judd told him that she does get lobbied in the ALEC meetings, even though ALEC is a non-profit, and shouldn't be lobbying legislators.

"She said, in fact, the meetings were officially supposed to be casual dress," stated Roth, paraphrasing Judd. "But the lobbyists wear such nice clothes, it's hard to dress down."

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Peggy Judd is my state representative I am very sorry to say. She is incompetent and unprofessional. She is not just conservative, she is far-right fringe conservative, a hard-right tea-bagger a la RuSSell Pearce. She is not fit to be an elected official and I am grateful she will soon be out of office. Good riddance to her. She is Jimmy Judd's daughter in law (Judd being the right-wing Boss Hogg look-alike who bungled the confrontation in Miracle Valley with the equally crazy church group from Chicago) That alone should give one a good idea of how far-out there in the cosmos she truly is. Christ from Vicksburg! Spare us in Cochise County from more of these right wing, self-righteous droolers.


Minnesota asked the IRS to investigate ALEC's tax status, as they are clearly a lobbying group, and not registered as such for taxes.  Will Horne do the same in AZ?  Of course not!

teknik topcommenter

to be a GOP legislature you don't need any ides on how to govern.


you just need to get elected with an R next to your name and those nice folks who come along showering you with gifts and tell you exactly how to vote and what bills to pass.  They just sit back and enjoy the ride, and a grab a nice retirement on our dime.



 Thanks!  I was wondering what connection she had with good-ol'-boy Jimmy.  I'm glad she was redistricted out.  GOTV for Pat Fleming.


 @teknik I am pleased to report that dear Peggy isn't running for office again. I hope she stays up there in Willcox and with all of her equally nutty tea bagger friends and stays away from the state capital. (Not everyone in Willcox is nutty, but Peggy and her crowd sure as hell are.


 @pszymeczek My wife says Ms. Judd is just plain stupid. I think that description is quite accurate. Just. Plain. Stupid.

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