Arizonans Cast Ballots in Mexican Elections, from Arizona

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Top six states with highest Mexican expat vote in the U.S.

When Mexico's Congress allowed its country's citizens to vote from abroad for the first time in 2006, local immigrant-rights activist Carmen Cornejo leapt at the chance to cast her ballot for President Felipe Calderon.

With the 2012 Mexican presidential elections scheduled for Sunday, Cornejo, a naturalized United States citizen born in Mexico, already has sent in her absentee ballot for Josefina Vazquez of the incumbent party PAN.

"Participation in the Mexican elections by Mexican nationals [living abroad means] that we care about the two countries, we care about the destiny of the two countries and we want both countries to succeed," Cornejo explains.

She is one of the 2,324 Arizona residents who have registered to mail in their ballots for the Mexican presidential elections. An estimated 80 million of her countrymen will head to polling stations tomorrow to replace Calderon.

According to Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute, of America's 50 states, Arizona has the sixth highest number of Mexican nationals participating in their home country's elections. California, as you might expect, is number one, with 12,908 registered Mexican voters.

Arizona's numbers are up from 2006. That year, Arizona had 1,476 registered Mexican voters. Since then, the number has increased 57 percent.

The number of actual votes sent to Mexico from Arizona for this election has not yet been tallied. But six years ago, 1,121 Mexican nationals in Arizona voted via mail-in ballots.

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 Dual citizenship allowed by MX.


 Chapo won.


That's like saying Mitt Romney should have wanted French citizenship while he was a missionary to the Riviera.  If you can understand that many Mississippians living in New York want to return home, what is so difficult about understanding that many Mexicans living in the United States do not want to stay here permanently?  And if 5% of Mexicans own 95% of "the place," what do you think 5% of Americans own? That said, the Mexicans should at least learn how to spell Illinois in their graphics.


If they are living here they need to be trying to get US citzenship where they can vote for thier best interests, until Mexicans in Mexico demand to be treated right and get real democracy in Mexcio and hold the  the 5% that own 95% of the place accountable  are put out of power, things will never change, and, why they would vote back in the crooks of the past is amazing, the guy is as dumb as Jan, and, that speaks volumes.

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