SB 1070 Decision: Why Local Talking Heads Don't Know Squat

If these guys don't know, they tell you that, unlike the local yocals

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who tells you with certainty the precise day that the U.S. Supreme Court will issue its opinion on Arizona's breathing-while-brown statute Senate Bill 1070, is full of something that rhymes with the word "twit."

I wish I had a dime for every journo, TV talking head and know-it-all who declared that the high court's decision would land yesterday. 

With those proceeds, I could at least afford java at Starbucks for a week, and maybe a slice of coffee cake per diem to boot.

The reality is, no one knows when the decision will drop. It could come this Thursday. It could come next week. And nope, no one has inside dope. 

A lawyer pal of mine runs in the kinds of circles that would know. He told me recently, "The Supreme Court doesn't do leaks."

That's why more than 10,000 people tuned into Bloomberg Law's ScotusBlog Monday, which had reporters live-blogging as opinions were handed down. By 7:30 A.M. our time, it was all over, and obviously, 1070 was not one of the decisions announced from the bench.

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