Bill Montgomery Blames Obama's 287(g) Move for Attack on Phoenix Cop

C'mon, Monty, it's not 2010, anymore. You don't have to go there.

Let's be honest, there are a lot of nativists out there who are caressing their hands at the prospect that an Arizona cop might soon be killed by an illegal alien.

What better way to attack both the U.S. Supreme Court's recent 5-3 decision tossing three sections of Senate Bill 1070, and the Obama administration's PR move, cutting 287(g) agreements in Arizona that were destined to be phased out anyway?

There is no statistical link between undocumented immigrants and crime, save for the bogus ones promulgated by the Mexican-haters. Anecdotal evidence is as close as they come. Which is why they would love to have a cop corpse to stand on as they wave their "Don't Tread on Me" flags.

The haters will seize upon anything they can to further their nefarious ends. That's not surprising.

But Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's leading the way in exploiting one recent incident? A tad disappointing, considering the circumstances.

I'm talking about Montgomery's press release today blasting the Obama administration after the revelation that Jose Manuel Cuevas, a man shot by a Phoenix police officer following a struggle on Tuesday, is an illegal immigrant who (apparently) has been booted from the country more than once.

Cuevas' immigration status was not announced immediately following the incident, which involved Cuevas allegedly hitting a Phoenix police sergeant in the head several times after the sergeant pulled up next to him in an unmarked car. 

According to a Phoenix police spokesman, the unnamed sergeant shot Cuevas, 26, in the chest in self-defense. Cuevas is currently at Good Samaritan Hospital until he's well enough to be booked.

Today, Montgomery's office issued a press release, revealing that Cuevas, "had been deported numerous times, including a court ordered 10-year bar to reentry and a previous felony conviction for assault."

Montgomery then went on to blame the federal government for the incident with the following statement:

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There is a choice this year, either more paternalistic "law enforcement", or applying the power of the office for the protection of individuals and their rights. Chose wisely. @kielsky

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