Russell Pearce: Plot to Give $260K of Taxpayer Cash to Recalled Pol Still Alive?

Pearce, looking to score $260K in taxpayer cash

The Capitol Times' Luigi del Puerto is reporting that the plot to cut a $260,000 check to recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce remains alive at the state Legislature.

I've heard the votes are not there in the Senate, but, hell, ya never know. Also, it's not in the budget, so how they would pull this one off is anyone's guess.

The big lie that Pearce's bootlickers in the legislature are spitting is that it's their "duty" under the Arizona Constitution to "reimburse" Pearce for the money his campaign committee raised and spent during the 2011 recall election, which Pearce lost by a whopping 12 points.

As I've written previously, this is a complete prevarication being foisted upon the public by a few sleazy politicians in Pearce's pocket, namely the following GOPers:

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I want to thank and compliment everyone who got involved protesting this "allocation". We perservered and won! Pearce will not be receiving this endowment in spite of their behind-closed-doors vote in the late night hours when most of us working-class-dogs were already in bed. We didn't just bitch & gripe amongst ourselves. We contacted our legislators and let them know how vehemently we opposed this travesty and how they put their political futures in extreme peril by supporting cronyism. A personal thank you to Steven Lemons for providing a contact list so we may effectively protest this nonsense to our legislators. It worked and the people prevailed! Last but certainly not least, thank you Randy Parraz. Dude you are my hero and you rock!! Awesome job to everyone involved!!


Pearce is a bigot, that we all know.  What we won't admit about ourselves is that it only takes one person to step up publicly and espouse that bigotry and not be properly shunned to allow the same unexpressed bigotry in all of us to be unleashed.  Bigotry is a genetic human instinct.  It's called ingroup-outgroup bias.  All it takes is a spark - and that spark is someone who is not ashamed to state out loud what they are feeling.  Pearce does it in a way that would make David Duke proud - without using direct racist language in public.  I'm only guessing what he says in private with his butt buddies there that are still in the Senate.
From Wikipedia:
In 1906, the sociologist William Sumner posited that humans are a
species that join together in groups by their very nature. However, he
also maintained that, beyond this, humans had an innate tendency to
favor their own group over others; saying, "Each group nourishes its own
pride and vanity, boasts itself superior, exists in its own divinities,
and looks with contempt on outsiders" (p. 13).[2]
This is seen on the group level with ingroup-outgroup bias, and when experienced in such larger groups as tribes, ethnic groups, or nations, it is referred to as ethnocentrism.

A 2011 paper in PNAS suggested that ethnocentrism may be mediated by the oxytocin hormone. It found that in randomized controlled trials
"oxytocin creates intergroup bias because oxytocin motivates in-group
favoritism and, to a lesser extent, out-group derogation".[10]

In The Selfish Gene, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins writes that "Blood-feuds and inter-clan warfare are easily interpretable in terms of Hamilton's genetic theory."[11] Simulation-based experiments in evolutionary game theory have attempted to provide an explanation for the selection of ethnocentric-strategy phenotypes.


It's simple.  These men aren't upholding their fudiciary responsibilities to Arizona taxpayers; they need to be voted out of office.  They've shown their allegence is to Russell Pearce, not their constituents and Arizona.

Interesting that they are putting their political careers on the chopping block to help the first ever recalled senator in Arizona's 100 year history, ex-senator Pearce, finance his failing campaign.  What power does Pearce hold over these men?

Even more interesting is that Pearce hasn't been the one stepping up and demanding his "re-imbursement" supposedly due him because the Constitution supposedly mandates it.  If this were as black and white as they say, why isn't Pearce front and center in this?

It's very telling that Pearce has manipulated this situation so that it's these men's careers on the line, attempting keeping his own campaign to re-gain his power mostly out of the cross-fires.

We don't have to let this happen.  We can tell OUR REPRESENTATIVES loud and clear that Biggs, Smith and Montenegro's "interpretation" of our Constitution is WRONG.

We can make a lot of noise and give the mastermind and motive behind this, Russelll Pearce, A LOT OF OBVIOUSLY UNWANTED ATTENTION regarding his plot to con our legislature into giving him taxpayer funds he is not entitled to have.

We can bring attention to the fact that EX-SENATOR RUSSELL PEARCE IS ATTEMPTING TO SUCK $260,000 FROM ARIZONA TAXPAYERS to finance his failing campaign.

Chad Snow
Chad Snow

Biggs likes to call this the Senate Clearinghouse Sweepstakes bill for nostalgia's sake. 

Chad Snow
Chad Snow

Steve Smith is a weasel of the highest order.  When Citizens for a Better Arizona showed up at his committee meeting to ask questions about his recall bills, he said "I'd love to discuss it with you guys.  It's really very simple.  Let's step out into the hall."  After which he cut and ran like a scared little girl and hid behind the "Senate Staff Only" door like the weasel that he is. No integrity or accountability.  Steve, I hope you've enjoyed your short time in office.     


It is Pearce's "Bootlicking" Buddies responsability to Demand an Investigation into the "Known" Electoral Rigging, and Manipulating which took place during Honest Russell's Recall Election!

("Sham" Candidate Mrs. Cortes)

It would appear that the Arizona Political "Cesspool" needs to be sifted a a few more Large Festering Turds, right Mr. Biggs?

To: Arizona.


I wonder how Biggs, and his Crooked Pals interpret Bribe Taking, and Electoral Manipulating?

Felony's every one knows Pearce has committed.

Both were committed berfoe the Recall was counted, and are why Crooked Russell lost!

Does the Arizona Constitution mandate paying Crooked Senators that are recalled for these Crimes?

I wonder the extent of Biggs, and Buddies involvement in both the Bribe taking, and Electoral Manipulating?

If not involved I am sure they knew it was going on!

Biggs and his Buddies need to be "Recalled"


Time to get this weasel and his buddy Montenegro out of office!  These arrogant politicians who thumb their noses at the people need to be gone!

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