Russell Pearce's GOP Toadies Want to Give Him $260,000 of Your Money

Pearce, a parasite on the body politic, even in defeat...

Of all the trial balloons in the history of politics, this one most deserves to be shot down, stomped, incinerated, and spat on, with the remains dumped in the nearest landfill to rot.

Seems there's a cadre of hardcore Russell Pearce-worshippers in the state legislature that want to give the recalled state Senate President $260,000 of taxpayer money because he was made to undergo a recall election, which he lost by an embarrassing 12 points.

Apparently, the Pearce stooges are floating the idea as part of budget negotiations, which, as you may have read, have not been going so well.

Certain Republican lawmakers have stalled budget talks with Governor Jan Brewer, because they're not getting everything they want. As a result, Democrats in the legislature have been approached by recalcitrant GOPers with the possibility of deal-cutting. 

And guess what they want on the table for anything they might give the Ds? A big, fat payday for their hero and erstwhile jefe, the Fiesta Bowl-freebie-moochin' Pearce.

This rumor was first circulated in an e-mail edition of the Capitol Times, with quotes from an unnamed lawmaker ridiculing the possibility, calling it a "kamikaze mission," and saying the Ds would go along with it when Satan started building igloos in Hell.

I set about confirming this rumor, and sure enough I was able to do so, though of course no one was willing to go on the record. Still, the message was conveyed that giving Pearce a stack of the taxpayers' moolah is something the Republican caucus -- or at least the crazies therein -- wants.

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AZ Pols... the gift that keeps giving.


That should read the gang that keeps taking.


Insane.. First the our GOP US Senators want to keep the rich happy by striking down that Buffet Tax Bill, and now these  GOP in AZ want to give out money like it grows on trees... And they call themselves the "Fiscal Conservatives?"   I think they're a bunch of inept lawmakers that are causing our state to go broke!!!  VOTERS, PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ON ELECTION DAY.

Native Guns
Native Guns

Stacy Paratore, you hit the nail on the head with that statement. No rational mind should disagree with your assertion. As the Feathered Bastard pointed out in the article:

"The cretinous Republicans are rewarding bad behavior, bad government."

You can't get any more un-ameriKKKan than the AZ Repugs.

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