Joe Arpaio Foe Mike Stauffer: Video Interview by Dennis Gilman and a Certain Reporter You Know and Love

Mike Stauffer, looking to retire Arpaio this fall

Recently, Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman and I interviewed the two men who want to put Sheriff Joe Arpaio out to pasture come November: Democratic candidate and former Phoenix Police Department Sergeant Paul Penzone, and Scottsdale Police Department Lieutenant Mike Stauffer, who's running as an Independent.

Last week, I posted the video of our Penzone interview. This week, Stauffer's up to bat. I think you'll notice a stark contrast in styles between the two men. 

As I mentioned in the Penzone post, one of these candidates will have to bow out of the race. That's because in a three-man contest, with the anti-Joe vote split, Arpaio emerges the victor.

Even one rival will have enormous obstacles to overcome. Arpaio has $3.4 million in his campaign kitty, and he enjoys immediate name recognition in this county, regardless of what you think of him.

Both Stauffer and Penzone are to be commended for taking on Arpaio, in spite of these factors. But the ultimate question is: Who has a better shot of unseating Sheriff Joe? Too bad there's not an open primary, where the electorate could decide that question conclusively.

In any case, here are some highlights from the Stauffer interview. Enjoy.

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Did the ME report support Mike Stauffer's public accusation of Murder? I know it's sheik to make such blind accusations by those who regularly pos here, but is it appropriate for an active supervisor of an adjacent agency to make such accusations without any access to the investigation? What did he say about the Scottsdale officer who has killed seven people on duty? that is either excessive or incredibly unlucky.

When is Stauffer retiring from SPD? No answer to any real questions? Did he wear a bib? Did he spittle all over the camera?


Arpaio and the ME stonewalled on the report. They don't wanna give it up. Wonder why? Oh, and why would Stauffer know what's in the ME report if it has not been released to the  public yet?

YourProductSucks, your product really sucks.


The me has stonewalled on it? You have evidence to support your claim? The family would certainly are privy to the report and haven't said a word since the preliminary toxicology report. If there was any evidence supporting Stauffer's position, the family would have been publically adamant that criminal charges be pursued, just as they were at the inception of this investigation.

You proved my point regarding Stauffer. You are exactly right, he knows nothing of the investigation yet he condemns MCSO detention Staff and without callin out Phoenix PD , also condemns their officers. This shows a lack of leadership maturity.


The family had to sue the county over the ME report. It still hasn't been released to the public yet.

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