Joe Arpaio Foe Mike Stauffer's Twitter Account Filled with Questionable "Followers" (w/Update)

Stauffer now has more than 2,600 followers, about 2,000 of whom may be bogus

Please see update below.

Scottsdale Police Lieutenant and candidate for Maricopa County sheriff Mike Stauffer's Twitter audience recently jumped from around 600 followers to more than 2,600 followers, thanks to a number of questionable accounts.

Many of the new accounts seem fake, lack photos, and/or have zero or few Tweets. In some cases, photos of men have women's names, and vice versa. 

In addition, Stauffer's popularity has achieved rock star-like status with young women from all over the country and beyond -- Florida, Michigan, California, Texas, and even Canada.

When a railbird alerted me to the Stauffer's, shall we say, newfound Arpaio-like celebrity, I put in a call to Stauffer's campaign manager West Kenyon, who didn't know what I was talking about, but promised to look into it and call me back.

A gal named "Larry" from Minnesota who follows Stauffer...

After a quick investigation, Kenyon phoned to say that a volunteer responsible for maintaining the Twitter site admitted to inflating Stauffer's posse of followers by the thousands using various social networking gimmicks.

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