Joe Arpaio-Foe Mike Stauffer Claims More Than 20,000 Signatures

Stauffer: 20,000-plus sigs and counting...

Though he can't boast much in the way of contributions, Scottsdale Police Lieutenant and sheriff's office hopeful Mike Stauffer may have earned his place on the November general election ballot as an Independent.

According to a press release issued today by the Stauffer camp, which you can read below, Stauffer has scored "well over 20,000 signatures." That could mean Stauffer has made the cut, assuming the sigs can stand up to a challenge. 

In the general, Stauffer'd be squaring off against our birth certificate-vetting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Republican, and former Phoenix Police Sergeant Paul Penzone, a Democrat.

Because Stauffer's running as an Indie, he has to submit far more signatures to secure his ballot spot than he would as a Dem or a GOPer: 19,410, versus 2,582 for a Democrat and 3,531 for a Republican.

West Kenyon, Stauffer's campaign manager, told me the signatures were gathered through a combination of volunteers and paid petition circulators. He said that all the signatures had been vetted up to this point, meaning that the campaign has checked the signatures to make sure they are from qualified electors in Maricopa County.

Kenyon also stated that the Stauffer camp will continue to gather sigs for the foreseeable future. The deadline for candidates to turn in their signatures is May 30.

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