Russell Pearce Preaches Hate on Ban Amnesty Now Radio Show

Pearce was flush with bogus talking points to "prove" that his breathing-while-brown legislation Senate Bill 1070 had driven down crime in Arizona, despite the fact that the law's most significant portions have been enjoined by the federal courts.

"According to the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association," Pearce swore in relation to 1070, "the largest law enforcement association in the state of Arizona, they have an unprecedented drop in crime in the city of Phoenix, a 30-year low."

This is what you might call magical thinking in reverse. How can a law signed in 2010 that's been mostly enjoined cause a 30-year low in crime?

As I've pointed out at length in a past blog post addressing this shibboleth, FBI crime stats show that violent crimes in the nation, this state and Phoenix have been trending downward for years. SB 1070 has nothing to do with it, no matter what the nativist wingnuts at PLEA aver. 

Nevertheless, Pearce attributes all good things to forcing the undocumented in this state to "self-deport," a dubious catchphrase that began as a joke and is now parroted by Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Arguments for and against the enjoinment of SB 1070 will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in April. Pearce predicted a majority decision in his favor.

One of Pearce's guests via phone for the evening was former Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, an avowed nativist, who insisted that the struggle against illegal immigration was in fact "a matter of the survival of Western Civilization."

Tancredo explained, "I say that, Russell, because we are losing what it is to be an American. If we lose that, we lose the glue that's supposed to hold us together in this country, Western Civilization goes with it. Whether it's radical Islam that takes over or something else."

"Radical Islam"? Who knew that Hispanics were mostly Muslim? You heard it here first.

Tancredo and Pearce also engaged in an aural love-fest better left for a room at a Best Western. 

"I want to thank you for being the patriot that you are and your friendship," Pearce grumbled softly to his compadre toward the end of Tancredo's call.

"My pleasure," Tancredo replied, his heart in his throat. "I will do everything that I can both for you and for America. It's almost doing it for the same thing, it's synonymous. You do it for Russell Pearce, you're doing it for America."

Pearce had to pay the bills as well. In addition to airing commercials for such august sponsors as an RV show and a 12-step program for compulsive gamblers, Pearce chatted for several minutes with a representative of Krazy Kyote Activities and Tours, allowing her to tell him all about the thrilling getaways to Sedona her company offers.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Some callers mentioned Pearce's historic November trouncing by a fellow Republican, giving the show an occasional morose tone.

Said Glen from Phoenix of election night, "I sure was sad when I saw that picture of you and Sheriff Arpaio, not the sadness that you lost the election, the sadness that you saw the human race going down a notch."

Another supporter told Pearce he had donated to his campaign, prompting a twisted analysis from the host.

"It was an [open] primary," Pearce explained. "It was an election where the Democrats refused to enter their own candidate, endorsed the Republican that was running, and as a result you got mass voter--the open border Libertarians and the Democrats [sic], all they needed [was] a few Republicans to join that crowd to prevail."

In reality, the Democratic Party did not endorse Pearce's rival in the recall election, and Pearce's fellow Republicans turned on him in droves, driven in no small part by the sleazy way in which the Pearce campaign was run. 

Not to mention the sham candidacy of Olivia Cortes, pushed by Pearce's family, friends and supporters in a failed plot to "dilute" the vote and grant him a win.

An ABC 15/Capitol Times poll released days before the election showed members of Pearce's own party divided, with 45.6 percent going for Lewis and 45.3 percent going to Pearce.

In addition, the poll revealed that Lewis led Pearce among their fellow Mormons, 47.5 percent to 45 percent.

Pearce fought against the recall tooth and nail, challenged it in court, heavily outspent his rival, and still lost by double digits. 

The true test may come later this year, when its anticipated Pearce will run again for state Senate in the newly created Legislative District 25. 

Till then, Pearce will continue to pollute the airwaves with his anti-Latino rhetoric. At the age of 64, he's too old for a new leaf. Hating on Hispanics is all this pathetic clown has got.

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It's obvious that, at the centennial celebration, the people of Arizona should rejoice at what has become the state's leading commodity............Hate and Intolerance.


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Really, in your dreams. Your thinking is inverted. It is illegal foreign nationals, that arrogantly enter this nation, WITHOUT PERMISSION, that then commit I.D. Fraud, false paperwork claims, drive without a right to, and on and on, because when you enter a nation illegally, and it doesn't really matter what nation, you must continue to add crime onto crime in order to live there. And, newsflash, it doesn't require a Russel Pearce to reference to make this claim TRUE. Pearce has nothing to do with it.

david saint
david saint

bobby, you are aware of how the US took this land right? So when you say arrogant, i think you are forgetting what we did to the Indians and Mexicans to take this land...Sure its ours now, but to pop off like that is itself very arrogant and hypocritical. 


David, of course I'm aware of history, even the history people on here never acknowledge or realize happened. 'WE", whoever your'e talking about, didn't take this land. It was taken by people two hundred years ago. Since that time, Americans fought in a bloody revolution against the greatest power in the world at that time, England. Then came a bloody civil war, in which hundreds of thousands of people died. Nothing stood still. Laws were created to bring the country into the modern world and to stop the chaos needed to make a nation strong and safe. What you and others on this forum are advocating is a return to chaos, lawlessness, and strife. But you don't seem to realize this.


I and my family will not be partaking in any centennial celebration for this state.  There are times when I don't even want to admit I live here.  It's embarrassing.  I do not have an option to move, so here I am and here I will continue to be whether I like it or not.  I do not tolerate bigotry and racism on any level.  I do not like most of the politicians in office who condone and promote this behavior.  I do not like the fact that we have an uneducated governor who lies to the public and who goes out of her way to embarrass this state time and time again.  Celebrate?  I think I'll pass.............................. 

Mid-Amerca Mike
Mid-Amerca Mike

"I do not... I do not... I do not..." Why do all you liberals always assume the rest of the world gives a crap what you do or don't think/want/believe/like? Celebrating your state's centenial, incidentally, isn't celebrating your governor, whom you may or may not like, or celebrating any single law. Arizona is a state rich with history, if only you could see beyond your myopic false outrage. You're the sort of person who would remember Barry Goldwater as just a politician, not as someone who spent his life photographing, along with Ansel Adams and others, Arizona's incredibly diverse native American cultures and peoples, assembling an archive that has preserved history we otherwise would have lost. Like the Alex Baldwins and Whoopi Goldbergs and others of your ilk who love to be outraged but hate to be educated, it is perhaps best if you didn't celebrate the centennial. It would only ruin it for those of us who really are looking at 100 years of people, culture, environment, history, education, achievement, and Americana. In words you'll understand, open up a bag of cheetos, turn on The View, and chill.

david saint
david saint

if you actually believed anything you typed, you would be pissed too.  


God, why don't you LEAVE THE STATE. That's what the left that controls California, and the many Mexico City loving politicians in California always tell people who complain about their criminal enabling of illegal immigration.They say, if you don't like California LEAVE.The former Mexican instigator and fifth columnist Mario Obledo(now deceased) used to tell legal California citizens that all the time. If you don't like California leave, because Mexicans are going to control it. So why not take the advice of the people you respect so much?

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