Joe Arpaio on Blast by Citizens for a Better Arizona in New Video

CBA demands accountability of Arpaio in the latest video by Dennis Gilman

A point some local journos missed concerning the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors' recent hearing on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's various misdeeds was that the special meeting, which addressed Arpaio's racial profiling and his bungling of the more than 400 sex crimes cases, would not have taken place save for the efforts of Citizens for a Better Arizona.

CBA, the same group that successfully forced a recall of former state Senate President Russell Pearce, eventually walked out of the meeting, charging that board chair Max Wilson had abrogated an agreement that would have allowed them to question County Attorney Bill Montgomery and MCSO Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan.

That walkout, led by CBA leaders Chad Snow and Randy Parraz, is documented in the above video from Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman

After denouncing the supervisors, they and their supporters marched over to the U.S. Attorney's Office to deliver a letter from Snow, asking, "What is the threshold for injustice at which point the United States Department of Justice will take action?"

The letter, which you can read, here, outlines some of the abuses of power by the Arpaio regime. An excerpt follows:

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