Russell Pearce Scores Paying Gig as "President" of Ban Amnesty Now

Pearce, the Prince of Prevarication, lands on the AM dial where he belongs

I've been staying up late nights worrying about disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

I mean, what's a washed-up nativist hatemonger to do for cash? Sure, he's been busy running for First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, but that won't put fatback on the griddle, being that it's an unpaid gig.

Well, now I can rest easy knowing that ol' Russ won't have to stoop to Food Stamps or supplementing his various government pensions with the occasional can of Alpo. 

That's 'cause Pearce is now the President of Ban Amnesty Now, the nativist shill group created by Sean McCaffrey, erstwhile executive director of the state GOP.

Pearce had been an honorary chairman of the organization, but that basically meant that BAN used Pearce's name to raise ducats.

But now, as Pearce will be front man for the org, he'll be compensated for services rendered, including his hosting of the BAN radio show Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.on KFNX 1100AM

"Starting off, he'll be the full time paid BAN employee, and we'll work to build a relationship around him," said McCaffrey. "We'll give him free reign of BAN and let him take it to new heights."

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Russ is taking it to new heights at Cracker Barrel? Okey-dokey.


No doubt under Pearce's oversight BAN will plumb new depths decending rapidly towards the BOTTOM OF THE [cracker] BARREL... And I'm sure in doing so he will haveĀ MORE FUN THAN A BARRELĀ OF like minded, knuckle-dragging, shit throwing MONKEYS.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

The One directly in front of him, of course.

Rebel Diaz
Rebel Diaz

Why that handle/moniker? Who is it that you follow?

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