Russell Pearce, Wanna-Be First Vice Chair of the State GOP?

Neo-Nazi-hugger Russell Pearce (here, with ex-protege J.T. Ready) is now vying for a top post in the state GOP

File this one under, "Something wicked this way comes."

The non-crazy GOP blog Politico Mafioso is reporting that disgraced nativist standard bearer, recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce is seeking the position of First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, where he'd be carrying water for AZ GOP chair Tom Morrissey.

Morrissey backed Pearce's ill-fated attempt to stave of his recall last year, even speaking at a Pearce rally in Mesa that, embarrassingly, only drew around 300 people, most of them from outside Pearce's district.

Politico Mafioso marvels at Pearce's seeking a position as Morrissey's errand boy, mainly because Morrissey has enough lackeys at his beck and call already and doesn't need another one.

"From State Senate President to Tom Morrissey's assistant in charge of rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic?" wonders PM. "That's a rapid fall from grace if ever there was one."

Still, any attempt by Pearce to keep his mud-stained name politically-current should be of concern, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

During the recall campaign, Pearce's embrace of outside money and the dirty politics of his advisers, friends and relatives -- which included lying about fellow Republican and ultimately victorious opponent Jerry Lewis and the illegal fielding of sham candidate Olivia Cortes -- should be enough to bar him from politics for life.

But a party that is led by the sleazy likes of Morrissey, a party that remembers fondly the extra-legal shenanigans of ex-County Attorney Andy Thomas, cannot yet be expected to demonstrate shame.

Sadly, a neo-Nazi-hugger like Pearce is still welcome with open arms in the Arizona GOP.

That's not to knock all Republicans. It's just that the non-crazies and non-nativists in the state GOP are still on the outs.

If wiser heads were in power, Pearce would still be sucking his thumb back in Mesa and rightfully reluctant to show his mug in public.

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I don't think Pearce is going anywhere in the political arena.  He's damaged goods, and his nasty character, his history, his ethical lapses, his penchant for power and retaliation really came out after those recall petitions were submitted in the summer. Not a likable fellow.  When he first ran for the House seat in 1990 he was unopposed in both the primary and the general....and from then on, he was an "incumbent."    


"his nasty character, his history, his ethical lapses, his penchant for power and retaliation"

Sounds like a description of Arpaio. Could these two be related?                        


Oops, sorry for the flub.  Pearce first ran for the legislature in 2000 (not 1990). Don't know how I could have given him an additional 10 years. Sorry.

Susurro Perforado
Susurro Perforado

I'm sure there's some dirty plan to ensure that Pearce is in succession for the state party presidency if we successfully get rid of the incompetent, sleazy, Morrissey.

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