Russell Pearce's "Friends" List Contains Jerry Lewis Supporters, and, Apparently, Dead People

Helen DeGroff said she wants her deceased husband Lee's name off the FOR list

Remember that line from M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, "I see dead people"? Well, if you're familiar with the residents of Mesa, you'll see some deceased individuals on state Senate President Russell Pearce's campaign Web site, as part of his lengthy "Friends of Russell" list.

You'll also see some names of the living that are on the much shorter "Endorsements" list posted on Pearce-foe Jerry Lewis' Web site, including John Giles, co-campaign chair for the Lewis campaign.

"Sounds like I'm in good company," Giles, an attorney and former Mesa City Council member told me. "I'm a little surprised. I didn't give my consent [to Pearce], so it's a mystery."

Giles explained that the Lewis campaign has authorization from everyone on its list for the use of their names.

"There's nobody on our list that we don't have a signature for," he averred.

I've received calls from some folks alerting me to the fact their names are improperly on Pearce's roll call of pals, but they wished to remain anonymous.

One person whose name has been taken off at his request is attorney Brent Ellsworth. When I phoned him, he explained that about two weeks ago, he noticed his name and his wife's name on Pearce's list without his permission.

So he wrote Pearce directly via e-mail and fax, asking for their names to be taken off as they are Lewis supporters. Hours later, their names were off, but he's received no explanation from the Pearce camp.

"I think it's deceptive," he said. "It gives the impression that all of those people support him in the current campaign."

John Giles, former Mesa City Council member, is currently co-chair of Lewis' campaign

Ellsworth theorized that the list is old, ancient even, and pointed out that, "There are people on there who are dead."

Though I was able to spot a handful of names for which I could also find obituaries, I feel a little odd about publishing their names until I can contact next of kin. 

However, I was able to talk with Mesa resident Helen DeGroff, now Helen DeGroff-Pitman, widow of the late Leon (Lee) DeGroff, who passed away in 2010, according to a notice from a local funeral home.

Told that her late husband is listed as a FOR, she exclaimed, "Well, you'll have to take him off!"

That'll be up to the Senator's campaign, I'm afraid, as I can't get anyone from the Pearce camp to return my calls these days. I also have to allow for the possibility, slight though it may seem, that there's another "Helen and Lee DeGroff" out there.

Between the two lists, I counted 36 duplicates. Hypothetically, I suppose you could be a "friend" of Pearce while at the same time "endorsing" Lewis. 

But Ellsworth's speculation about the list being old seems more plausible. For instance, Legislative District 19 precinct comitteeperson Pat Oldroyd is identified as "Chairman Ld 19." She was once, but is no longer.

Similarly, Pearce loyalist Matt Tolman is referenced as "Chairman Ld 18," though he is not currently the chair of the LD 18 GOP.

Even if it's an old list, Ellsworth said he found it "reckless" and "presumptuous" of Pearce to use that list without vetting the names and making sure these people still support him.

As for the dead folk, I reckon it's OK if they support Pearce from beyond the grave, as long as they don't try to vote for him on November 8. 

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I am guessing Stephen Lemons is not on the "Friends of Russell" list.  No doubt he is on his shit list though.  Much more honor in being on the latter.


I'm surprised Pearce even HAS a list of supporters!

Given his recent nervousness at the debate, and given the fact that he was exposed as the culprit behind Olivia Cortes' sham "campaign," and the laundry list of other misdeeds by this corrupt swastika licker, Pearce should have zero (0) supporters.  

Pearce is simply a failure, through and through.


Pearce gives new meaning to the phrase "deadbeat politician"


Has anyone noticed the Swastika on the American flag in the new Russel Pearce TV ad?

Fed Up In LD18
Fed Up In LD18

I want to say categorically I support Russell Pearce and his early retirement on Nov. 8th.

Susurro Perforado
Susurro Perforado

I have heard from several people whose names appeared on Pearce's list of supporters, who had never been contacted by anyone from the Pearce camp to ask their permission.  I think they literally sit around and brainstorm lists of names and put them on as "supporters."  They also add people to their Facebook page who have never actively "liked" the Pearce page.  Big scandal?  No.  But it does show that the Pearce team tries to generate the appearance of support that really isn't there.  And many of those listed as "supporters" have come to the Lewis side.  They are tired of Russell's caustic tone, and do not want him doing misdeeds in their names.


Typical lies to be expected from a habitual liar. Mush mouth Pearce will be defeated & this should serve as a wake-up call to all the corrupt politicians,be they Tea bagger supported Reps. or do-nothing Dems. The voters of AZ are fed up with your self-seving & lobbyist driven agendas. All of you politicians need to do the work that your constituants elected you to do ! All you corrupt politicians need to remember who you work for . You work for the people,not ALEC or any other special interest group. Do your jobs or you will meet the same fate of a recall or be voted out just as the corrupt RuSSell Pearce. The demonstrations going on all over the country should be telling all of you something, it's simple people are fed -up. DO YOUR JOBS !

US War Veteran
US War Veteran

I get your point Fed, but I do have a serious problem with this corrup politician "retiring" on our dime, especially if he is being fired from the job.


He's been fired from every job he has ever held in public service.

MCSO Chief Deputy: Fired by the MCSO shurfDMV head: Fired by Director Mary Peters and Governor Jane Dee Hull.State Senator/Senate President: Fired by the voters of his own district.

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